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Welcome to A Peek at the Pak

By Becky – Founder and VP of Marketing


I started SmartPak in 1999. At the time I had a great job that I really loved and lots of free time. I had to quit my “day” job as SmartPak began to take shape in the Spring of 2000. And that free time? I don’t remember what it’s like to have free time anymore! But I’d do it all again. And here’s why.

Easily the best part of starting a company is the opportunity to work with people you really like. I look forward to coming to work each day because I get to see my friends. We’ve got lots in common. We work HARD. Really hard. But we love what we do. We are horse owners and dog lovers. So we care deeply about our products and our customers.

The people who work at SmartPak are a special breed. I hope you enjoy getting to know them and their animals. I can guarantee we can keep you entertained because there is always something going on here! Plus we go through the same things you do. Mysterious lameness, training issues or the excitement of a new horse or puppy.

With our Peek at the Pak we hope to share the good, the bad and the ugly of what it’s like to live in our Pak.

If you are interested, here are the gory details on why I started SmartPak.

Westley – the original SmartPak horse:

It was the blizzard of 1997. April 1st, 1997. We got three feet of snow that day. And I got a horse. Accidentally really. He was just at our barn to escape the weather as he had been living out in someone’s paddock after a failed trial at a local riding school. He didn’t have a name. He was a skinny, skinny chestnut gelding. Age unknown. Background unknown. But there was something about his kind eye. He didn’t steer very well but he loved to jump. And that was enough for me.

It’s been ten years and we’ve been through many issues. There was the “biting my leg as I was riding” phase, the rearing phase, the time a dressage judge told me to find another sport (that was harsh). But there have also been the victories – High score at a show, a beautiful jumping round on a grass course and the most important one, the deep trust between us.

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