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Ditching D.C. to Work for a Great Company

SmartPak Welcomes Donnie – Senior Web Designer

For the past decade, I’ve been helping to build the interactive brands and campaigns for the Discovery Channel, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PBS, XM Satellite Radio, A&E, HGTV, The Food Network, Fine Living, Great American Country TV, TV Guide, the U.S. Army and NASA (Check them all out). Each has been an amazing experience, but not surprisingly, pale to the energy of SmartPak. As companies buy other companies and consolidate into streamlined singular units, young, energetic brands like SmartPak, that make truly great products, are rare to find.

I’ve been flattered by the enthusiasm here with me being on-board, but really I’m the enthusiastic one in this deal. SmartPak has the most impressive advertising and marketing group that I’ve ever been around. That isn’t “new guy suck-up” speak either. It’s a big statement and it’s very much true. I was lured 500 miles north by SmartPak’s rich history of innovation and the entire team that brings it to market every day… and this is the only place I’ve worked where everyone has their dogs at their side at the desks (if you call in you may actually hear a dog or two in the background).

So, what was my first two weeks like with the SmartPak Web Marketing Team?

In short order we gutted the innards of the home page to bring more rich content right to the front of the site (launching next week), we improved the layout of the overall site (launching in a couple weeks), we shot a high definition featurette (which will show up here next week) and are in the middle of redesigning our entire fleet of interactive communications from emails to a ground-up refinement of the SmartPak site. And oh yeah, we’re just starting to lay the foundation for a very secret project that will hopefully be the start of a revolutionary horse community. And that was all just in the first two weeks while I was still in-processing!

The speed and diligence that we’ve attacked the past two weeks is something I get to look forward to for a long while. I sincerely hope you enjoy what’s coming from us and that you find it a richer experience for both shopping AND playing.

Photo Captions:
My son Luke helping with the unpacking. He is not a SmartPak Autoship Product.

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