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The Pak Rides the High Seas to the Cape!

by Carey – Marketing Coordinator for the Web Team


My father and I enjoying the trip to P-town.

A few weeks ago about 100 SmartPak employees and guests (one of which even included a dog!) met at the Plymouth Harbor for a boat trip to Provincetown, MA. Employees from all parts of the company – sales, marketing, purchasing, production, accounting, and IT were present. It was a beautiful day as we set out on our 1 1/2 hour ride out of Plymouth Harbor.  (Yes, the Plymouth with “The Rock”.)


The captain said it was going to be pretty windy on the ride over (he was definitely right), and said that there could be wave swells about 1-2’. A few of us were a little worried about our CFO, Tom, as he doesn’t quite have sea legs, and his face started to turn a little green. Thankfully, the swells weren’t as bad as expected. The ride to Provincetown included a delicious breakfast SmartPak provided, as well as some great mingling and conversation. When we arrived to Provincetown, it was low tide, which caused some trouble for getting us off the boat.  After about 15 minutes of playing with short ramps, long ramps, and ropes, the boat crew finally disembarked all of us safely.

The streets of Provincetown were filled with tons of tourists just like us. Most people immediately looked for a place to grab some lunch and a cold beverage since it was so warm out. Together with two other members of the Web Marketing Department and family, I stopped at a lunch place right on the main road with outside dining.


Here, we ran into about 15 other employees and guests dining as well. The food and drinks were great. But, even better was the town crier, who stopped in front of the restaurant with a little message for all of us. He told us all about how we had to go to the Pilgrim Monument….and then all of a sudden he broke out into a Broadway song and dance – quite entertaining if you ask me!

The main street of Provincetown is filled with little shops and restaurants, so after lunch we made our way up and down the street to check everything out. There were lots of antique shops, candy shops, souvenir shops, and my favorite – ice cream shops. Even though we all split up into separate groups, it was never hard to find a familiar face from work.


After a long day of walking around, we all boarded the boat around 4 PM and headed back to Plymouth. The boat ride back was very nice, and the ocean was very calm. Everyone got to catch up on what they did during their visit to Provincetown.  All in all, it was a great day for lots of the employees to get together and hang out outside of work. Thank you SmartPak for yet another great event!

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