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Video – Webkinz Storm SmartPak

We had some time on our hands last week and decided to make our first humor video for the Blog.  Why did we choose Webkinz?  Because we have LOTS of them and we are tired of tripping over them in the warehouse.  So take a peek at this video – we think you will get a chuckle out of it.  If you like it – feel free to share it with your friends.  Oh, and click here to buy some Webkinz for those children in your life, we are fully stocked and they are ready for a new home!


  • Director/Editor:  Donnie (Senior Web Designer)
  • Warehouse Worker:  Michael (Sales Team)
  • Grumpy Morning Kitchen Girl:  Colby (Director of Web Marketing)
  • Cute Little Dog Chased by Webkinz:  Tizzy (IT’s Favorite Canine)
  • Office Scene:  Matt (IT), Maria (Merchandising), Karen (Creative), Jennifer (HR) and the one playing on the Webkinz site – Gary (Chief Information Officer)
  • Annoyed English Bulldog:  That would be Lola
  • Irritated Bathroom Girls:  Lauren (Sales Team) and Carey (Web Marketing Coordinator)
  • Oh, and a million Webkinz!
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