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Uncle Jimmy Sings for SmartPak & What a Great Gift Idea

by Molly, Equine Merchandising Specialist

I’m sure by now you’ve seen or perhaps even tried one of our infamous Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls. These balls have taken the equine treat industry by storm and have been flying off our shelves…thanks largely to a quality, innovative product backed by humorous marketing. These flavored sweet feed balls are designed to hang in your horse’s stall. A cool product, with an insinuating name! If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered who the ‘genius’ is behind these borderline raunchy treat balls…is there a real Uncle Jimmy?


Well, I can assure you that there is indeed a real Uncle Jimmy. I had the pleasure, along with fellow Buyers and our Web Master, to meet Uncle Jimmy at our last buying show. Talk about a first impression…Uncle Jimmy, cowboy hat, boots and all, was thrilled to meet us in person and not only shook our hands, but serenaded us in song. That’s right- Uncle Jimmy has his own song about his Hangin’ Balls, and wasn’t shy about belting it out for us. Needless to say we shared some hearty laughs with Uncle Jimmy- his outgoing, lively, and witty personality drew us in. He’s a man of many interests, including horses, flying airplanes, and singing, of course.

We knew we had to have Uncle Jimmy’s song up on our website. He kindly recorded the original track for us, and it’s now posted for your listening pleasure. It’s not the same as having a personal serenade, but you’ll get the gist. Take a listen below, you won’t be disappointed!

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One comment on “Uncle Jimmy Sings for SmartPak & What a Great Gift Idea
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