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The Office Puggle – How Cute is That!

Emilie, Pharmacy Coordinator, CPhT

Back in May, my brother got a Puggle puppy that he named Rocky. Rocky was adorable, all 5 pounds of him, and I loved going over and visiting with him. Little did I know I would soon be spending MUCH more time with Rocky. After a disastrous peeing incident at my brother’s office (yeah, his boss wasn’t impressed with Rocky marking her new Coach bag) Rocky became a SmartPak employee!


I pick Rocky up at his apartment each morning and he makes the drive from Boston to Plymouth with me. It is so nice to have company on my ride…even if I still can’t use the carpool lane! I think a dog counts as a passenger, but I don’t think the Massachusetts State Police would agree. Rocky sleeps on the way to work so he is nice and rested when we arrive. Rocky’s first priority in the morning is greeting his best friend Tom, who also happens to be our CFO. He then rests for awhile before heading outside to wrestle with Murphy the Boston Terrier. More resting comes next, followed by a bit more resting. After lunch, Rocky plays with his toys and gets another treat from Tom before settling in for an afternoon nap (do you see a theme here??). I should mention these naps rarely take place in the crate I have set up under my desk. Nope, these naps take place in my chair sitting right behind me. I must admit this worked much better when he was a 5 pound puppy rather than a 25 pound dog…but it hasn’t gotten any less cute! I’ll probably end up with back problems from only sitting on the very edge of my chair, but at least Rocky is happy.

By the time Rocky and I head home, he is wiped out,  I know it is surprising considering the napping! But having a job is hard when you are only 10 months old. Rocky is still waiting for his first paycheck (there is never an envelope in the paycheck pile that says Rocky on it…hmmm…) but salary or not, Rocky is proud to be a SmartPak employee, and I am proud to have him as my co-worker!


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