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SmartPak Heads to WEF

by Molly, Merchandising Specialist

The Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL is now in full swing and the SmartPak booth is ready for business! Booth setup was implemented by Becki (Marketing), Lissa (Marketing), and Molly (Purchasing). While we were all glad to be out of snowy New England and in sunny Florida, we had quite the task ahead of us.

Fresh off the plane, the three of us met the SmartPak trailer on the show grounds, anxious to see what effect 1,400 miles had on the packed trailer. Needless to say, upon opening the trailer doors we were met with petering and toppling towers of boxes and totes! Despite the chaos, most everything made it in one piece.

We got to work organizing the boxes (inventory here, fixtures there!) and coordinating all the other necessary arrangements for the show. Over the next few days, landscapers were tracked down, tents were put up, last minute supplies were purchased, fellow vendors were met, and products were displayed. We climbed, ducked, lifted, carried, and cleaned our way through! Lissa fielded calls from our suppliers who needed to stop by to merchandise and Becki tactfully handled the logistics of our space and the landscaping. Displays of Polo Gear apparel (debuting new designs), Wellington Collection show shirts and jackets, Tailored Sportsman breeches (in super fun colors), saddle pads, monogrammed blankets, and dog collars and toys filled the trailer and tent. SmartPak information tables and sponsored rider posters finished off our booth. Our SmartPak golf cart, which is “the’” mode of transportation around the show grounds, had to be towed and fixed. And as if we didn’t have enough on our plate already, one day the weather decided to test our waterproofing skills. A ten minute, unexpected downpour left us all soaking wet- especially Lissa who ran for our tent sides and tarps to save our inventory from certain disaster! On the bright side, rain spots were revealed, leaving us with a challenging project of creating a rain gutter over a doorway (much brainstorming and a trip to Lowe’s was required!).

Weary after days of set up, yet excited by our fun products and how the booth looked, we departed back to Massachusetts. Tear down- we’ll think about that later. WEF patrons, Happy Shopping!

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