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SmartPak Take Your Dog to Work Day

by Rebecca, Canine Marketing Manager


This is Emma the pug. She’s 6 ½ years old and she officially entered the work force on Take Your Dog To Work Day on June 20th. She started the day by packing her lunchbox (including her SmartPak and treats to share with her new co-workers) and then we carpooled to the office (thankfully she was able to get in one last nap before arriving at the office).

Once we got to work, Emma was nervous but excited about meeting her fellow canine co-workers. In the end, her winning personality helped her easily make friends with Tiki, Max and Rocky, among others (although sharing her treats did help). Emma settled in for the work day by eating her morning SmartPak and then taking a nap. She woke up for a bit and helped test some new dog treats and also modeled a SmartPak bandana while perusing the SmartPak website for any new toys she doesn’t have yet.

Around 11:30am, all the new dog employees went outside with their human co-workers to participate in a human-canine agility course. The canine portion contained traditional agility obstacles including jumps, a tire and a tunnel. The human portion let us show our prowess in office-themed activities including stuffing SmartPak catalogs into envelopes and loading SmartPaks into sterlite containers. The winner of the event was Lilly who was assisted by Jennifer. Lola and Kiki were fierce competitors and won second place. Even though she tried her hardest, I think Emma came in last (I’ll take the blame for this since I’ve never exposed her to a tunnel in her life and they can be scary!).

As you can imagine, Emma was thoroughly exhausted after the agility event so she spent the remainder of the afternoon resting, even exercising office etiquette by not snoring too loudly. On the way home, as Emma continued to rest up for her usual night of dinner and, playing and more sleep, I thought about how lucky I was to share my day with my best friend and what a great SmartPak employee she would make. Think I’ll check around and see if the role of Chief Treat Officer is open as I know the perfect, four-legged candidate…

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