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Another Barkfest has come and gone…

by Rebecca, Canine Marketing Manager

This past weekend, we held our annual summer Barkfest at our retail store in Natick.   This year, we wanted to come up with ways to help our dog friends relax and enjoy their summer safely.   Since it was so hot this weekend, the first thing we started with was air conditioning (a must, especially for brachiocephalic dogs, like Pugs and Shih Tzus).    We also offered complementary canine massages from our friends at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy.   The dogs all seemed much more relaxed after their massages and the owners liked that they could do something soothing for their pets.

Here is a photo of Boomer, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, relaxing during his massage.

We also offered a low-cost microchip clinic on Sunday afternoon that was sponsored by Stray Pets in Need.   Microchips are a great way to ensure that if your pet gets lost they have a better chance of being reunited with you.     Embedding the microchip does involve a big needle, but thankfully we had the masseuses lined up to ease away any potential stress.   Here is a photo of Bella waiting patiently for her turn:

We also had a representative from Wellness Pet Food at the Barkfest.   They handed out lots of Wellness gift bags with yummy food and treat samples.   Here’s a photo of Boris patiently waiting for his gift bag:

Smartie also had a great time at Barkfest and made a ton of new friends (I think it helped that he was in charge of the gift bag and free dog food raffle).   Here he is posing with Serena and Boomer:

Smartie may look a little nervous around Phil (the Boston Terrier), but they quickly became best friends:

At the end of the weekend, once all the barking subsided, we took some time to reflect on how great our customers are and how happy they make us.   When we put together events like Barkfest, we think about what we can do to give our customers a great experience and make sure that they leave our store happy.   I think Shadow is a great representation of how successful Barkfest was this year!

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