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Will, The Little Miracle

By Bill Mullin, Warehouse Operator

Some of you may remember Oct. 28, 2007 as the day that the Red Sox won their second world series in four years – but, for my family we know of another miracle too! Our grandson, Will came into this world – four months early, that’s right… four months! Had he been a day or two earlier, he would not have survived. The doctors held off his entrance for almost thirty-six hours. Thank god for that. And then Will decided this is it, ready or not here I come! He gave it his best shot, and boy, what a fighter. One hundred and thirty-one days in the hospitals. He started out in South Shore Hospital, after a week, went to Brigham & Women’s Hospital for almost two months, and then he came back to South Shore Hospital until he went home! It was a tough ride but Will was tougher! He never lost an ounce, he couldn’t afford to lose any weight. He started out 1lb – 11oz. That’s right – 1lb – 11oz and 12″ long. He made a lot of friends in these 19 weeks of his young life. By word of mouth from friends & family and a few prayer groups across the country, thoughts & good wishes for Will were sent to us here in Plymouth, MA.

When Will left the hospital to come home, he weighed about 9.5 pounds. My wife Gayle and I held our grandson for the first time when he came home. It felt so good! Since he’s been home, Will has been growing and developing beautifully. He’s nine and a half months old now, but his corrected age is five and a half months. He’s just under 18 pounds and almost 28 inches long. He got his first tooth a few days ago. His hand/eye coordination is very good and he keeps himself amused – he’s always very happy. Who could ask for more? He loves his stuffed animals, teething rings and soccer ball. Please keep Will in your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you,

Bill & Gayle Mullin

[Editor’s note: All of us at SmartPak are thrilled for Bill and his entire family. What was an incredibly arduous journey for their family has such a wonderful end to the story. We very much look forward to those days when the proud grandparents bring Will into the office!.]

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