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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Managing Navicular Disease and Navicular Syndrome

I am about to lease a 15 year old quarter horse who was diagnosed with navicular a year and a half ago. This great horse was a real ranch hand and then came to the East Coast to be the

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Second Chances – Meet Nala, Web Marketing’s Newest Member

by Carey, Web Marketing – Project Manager I have had dogs all my life, so when I moved to Plymouth into an apartment and couldn’t have a dog right away, things felt a little strange. I immediately went out and

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Dr. Gray's Featured Article: Does Your Horse Have a Favorite Flavor?

This article was originally published at Eight horses in England did. Researcher Deborah Goodwin set out to discover what flavors horses actually like, compared to what horse owners and product manufacturers think horses like. In Trial 1, she offered

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Managing a Cribber (from AAEP Ask the Vet)

Recently I purchased a 4 YO gelding that had been stall kept. Much to my surprise, he is a cribber. He takes his feed bucket between his front teeth, arches his neck and sucks in air. He is underweight and

Posted in Behavior

Developmental Orthopedic Disease (from AAEP Ask the Vet)

Question 1: We have two fillies, both about 9 months old, who have buckled over at the fetlock joint in both rear legs. Our veterinarian examined them and said they do not have physitis at this time but a previous

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