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Second Chances – Meet Nala, Web Marketing’s Newest Member

by Carey, Web Marketing – Project Manager

I have had dogs all my life, so when I moved to Plymouth into an apartment and couldn’t have a dog right away, things felt a little strange. I immediately went out and adopted my first cat ever, Simba. He is everything I could want in a cat; very lovable and usually quite sociable! I still wanted a dog, and even though I couldn’t get one at the time, I spent countless hours on Petfinder just looking for one I would fall in love with.

I gave up my puppy search for quite some time, until about 2 months ago – I had been in contact with one of our customers, Jennifer P., regarding SmartPak. Jennifer had a link to a Petfinder page of an animal shelter near her home where she volunteered, and my curiosity got the best of me. I found the cutest little litter of 5 week old Shepherd puppies! Apparently they had just been surrendered to the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter in West Monroe, LA. I didn’t know how feasible it would be to even get a dog from Louisiana, but I called my landlord, and luckily she agreed to a dog! Yay – now I could get the ball rolling with seeing if this was even a possibility. I immediately got back in touch with Jen and she said we could certainly figure something out if I was interested in one of the puppies. That following Friday, she went to the shelter and took some pictures of the litter and I absolutely fell in love with them all. How was I supposed to pick!? I ended up going with the little female I first had a gut reaction towards. I loved the way her little paws crossed in the picture I was sent. She just looked like she was something extra special.

I called Jen Saturday morning and let her know I picked out a puppy and would love to adopt her if we could make it work. She agreed the one I picked, who was soon to be named Nala, was also her favorite. Jen adopted Nala that afternoon, and took her home to foster her at her house until I could find transportation to get her up here. Nala got a nice warm bath and got all cleaned up. She no longer looked like a pound puppy and apparently she smelled really good too! Nala’s foster mom had lots for Nala to explore with – 4 cats, 4 dogs, 4 horses, and lots of fenced in property. I was afraid she wouldn’t want to come home to MA! It was such a great experience for her, though, to be able to see so much.

I became more and more anxious to get Nala home, even though I knew she was in such a great place where she was being taken such good care of. I even began looking at driving down to pick her up or flying her up here, but it just wasn’t financially feasible. Luckily, there are some really good-hearted people who make trips from the south every week and pick up rescue dogs along the way to get them to their forever home up north. A very generous woman offered to take Nala up if she could get a ride to South Louisiana and she would take her on her trip the weekend of the 9/13. Unfortunately Hurricane Ike hit, and her ride was delayed a week. I couldn’t handle waiting another week. I wanted her so bad! Luckily I found another transportation service, called Rescue Road Trips, which had room for her.

Her foster mom generously agreed to leave her house at 4 AM on Thursday 9/11, to get her to the drop-off in time. Nala traveled for about 2 days and on the morning of 9/13 I drove to CT to pick her up. I practically started crying when the trailer drove up, but as soon as they got her out for me and handed her to me, I was so excited! She just squirmed around and licked my face, like saying “HI MOM! I’m finally home!”

I have had Nala for 10 weeks now and she is such a ball of laughter and energy. She and Simba are still figuring each other out – she can’t figure out why Simba doesn’t enjoy her jumping on his head, and Simba can’t figure out where she gets all of her energy from. But, I have a feeling they will eventually become good friends…once she calms down a little bit! Plus they share something very special, and that is getting a second chance through adoption.

Nala loves to run and play, and go to the beach, and for lots of walks. You would think all of that tires her out, but it certainly doesn’t! But don’t bother her when she’s sleeping, that’s for sure. She’ll get up, toss her head, and plop herself down somewhere else. I wish I could do that when I was sleeping and she wants to play!

I think it is fate that Nala came into my life when she did and how I came about finding her. It is so sad to think that someone would just surrender their pet to a high kill shelter, especially a whole litter at such a young age – such a good dog could have gone unknown and unloved. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not, and most shelters can’t keep up with the inflow of dogs and cats. Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets, and if you’re looking for a new dog or cat, don’t forget to consider adoption! You can find a very special friend who thanks you for saving him/her and giving a 2nd chance at life. I would like to thank Nala’s foster mom, Jen, for making this all happen and taking such good care of little Nala for the first 5 weeks of her life after the animal shelter, as well as PAWS of Northeast Louisiana, the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter, and Rescue Road Trips for getting her home safely.

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