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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Devil’s Claw and Other Herbs

My horse is on Devil’s Claw Plus to relieve some swelling. I recently heard that Devil’s Claw can cause liver and kidney function to decline. Could you please tell me a little more about this herb as well as some

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Managing Impaction Colic Caused by Abdominal Tumors (from AAEP Ask the Vet)

I have a 23 year old appaloosa mare who has problems with chronic colic. She has always had problems with this (for the past 10 years) but it has really escalated lately. She goes through spurts where she colics with

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A Snapshot of our Photo Shoot at Top Reiner Tom McCutcheon’s Farm!

by Lissa, Senior Marketing Assistant Last week Becki (marketing manager), Kristi (photography manager), and I set off at 6:00am from Logan Airport headed to Dallas/Ft Worth, a very familiar trip for us. 4:00am is a little early to leave Plymouth,

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I have a 26-year-old warmblood who is 17 hands. He is looking good and feeling great except his sidebone on his right front is starting to bother him. He limps quite a bit when it is cold but still jumps

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