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SmartPak Heads to Equine Affaire

While it’s getting cooler outside, things are starting to heat up around SmartPak for the holiday season, and what better way to start the holiday season than with a trip to Equine Affaire MA! While I’ve been to a few different events with SmartPak in the last year, this was my first time ever attending Equine Affaire.

Equine Affaire BoothOn Tuesday night, a small group of us headed out to Springfield to get settled in before set up day. Getting off to a great start on Wednesday, our truck of supplies and products arrived bright and early and brought reinforcement SmartPakers. While event staff put in our carpet (thank goodness for padding on those concrete floors!) and hung our banner, we unpacked the truck and started organizing areas for buckets of supplements, racks of clothing and shelves of horse treats and Painted Ponies. By early evening, we were ready to open shop!

Thursday morning early-bird attendees filtered in to get first pick of the goods and enjoy the relative tameness of a weekday at Equine Affaire. We also hosted a series of focus groups with barn managers and trainers Thursday afternoon. Though I was not able to attend any of the sessions, I heard the series went quite well and we would like to extend our gratitude to all that participated! We love to learn more about our customers, listen to your feedback and implement changes that will make your life easier. Be sure to keep it coming!

Equine Affaire BoothFriday and Saturday were abuzz with families and friends meeting and greeting each other, riding, attending clinics and lectures and of course shopping! Our Equine Couture apparel, SmartPak exclusive bridles and SmartSupplements all proved to be very popular, while SmartPak flip-flops and other “stocking-stuffer” items were also in high demand as the week wore on. Stationed at the SmartPak table throughout much of the weekend, I was also the happy provider of tote bags, baseball hats and the ever-popular treat samples! By the time Sunday rolled around, we didn’t even have that much to pack up and were home in time to catch three quarters of the Pats game!

EA2Which brings me to the best part of my time at Equine Affaire – it was local! I love to travel and the Kentucky Horse Park (where I have traveled to most often with SmartPak) is beautiful. However, so many of our earliest customers are from the New England area and I think they ALL attended Equine Affaire. It was really great to see everyone in person and have the chance to talk. I was even able to put a few names to faces! It’s not often that someone in Customer Service gets to do that and it was truly a great experience!

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