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A Look Back at this Year’s Winter Equestrian Festival

spe_booth_wef_2010_4It was a breath of fresh air on Tuesday January 19th when I stepped off the plane into the warm 70 degree weather in Florida! We were lucky enough to miss a cold front from the previous week and I was even more pleased observing the beautiful settings of gorgeous farms, rivers and palm trees surrounding the West Palm Beach polo club where the Winter Equestrian Festival had already begun.

We arrived to the showgrounds and got straight to work setting up our booth in the main trade show area. We found a rug to fit our booth, figured out to hang our SmartPak banner and cleaned and displayed the buckets of all sizes of supplements we brought.

Our joint and coat supplements were very popular at this show. I enjoyed talking with current and new customers to help solve problems and make their horses more comfortable and to perform better.

My time away from the booth was spent exploring the show grounds and seeing the variety of classes and rings. When classes were held in the International Arena that quickly became my favorite place to eat lunch and watch. I would grab a crepe from the French booth in the main trade show area or a bite at the Tiki bar and head over to watch a few rounds.

spe_booth_wef_2010Despite a few very windy days and one day of rain, the weather stayed pleasant all week which was a nice change from the Boston weather. The highlight of my week was definitely meeting our customers. As a product specialist I work mainly helping customers over the phone and it is always a treat meeting them face to face! I was able to meet several of our new and current customers that were here to compete and to watch. It’s great to hear how long they have been using SmartPaks, what supplements they use and to simply trade horse stories! Thank you for a fun, warm week in Florida!

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