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Point Two Air Jacket featured on NBC’s Rolex Coverage

If you’ve heard a lot about the Point Two Pro Air Jacket, but wanted to see it in action be sure to tune in to NBC’s coverage of the Rolex Three Day event today Saturday 15th at 3:00 p.m. EST/12:00 p.m. PST where they’ll be featuring the Point Two. The Point Two ‘Pro Air’ Jacket, previously sold only in Europe, has revolutionized safety in the equine world by combining the latest airbag technology within a lightweight and comfortable jacket.

Worn by many riders during the Cross Country phase of the recent Rolex Kentucky Three Day, including team SmartPak riders Kim Severson and Allison Springer, the Point Two ‘Pro Air’ Jacket has accumulated a loyal following of top riders. “We are thrilled to be able to bring this innovative piece of safety equipment to our customers,” said Rebecca Minard, founder of SmartPak Equine. “The Point Two ‘Pro Air’ jacket isn’t just for four star competitors; anyone can benefit from the additional measure of safety it provides, whether you’re competing at training level, schooling at a local horse trials, or just enjoying an afternoon on the trails.”

Be sure to tune in to NBC’s coverage of the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event at 3:00 p.m. EST/12:00 p.m. PST, right before the Preakness Stakes coverage.

To learn more about the Point Two, visit:

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5 comments on “Point Two Air Jacket featured on NBC’s Rolex Coverage
  1. debora says:

    Please note that during the rotational fall taken by Oliver Townend, the Point Two did not inflate, at least during the time he fell, was rolled on by his horse, etc. Just saying. Watch the video.
    This does not mean that I feel inflatable vests are not an important added protection to riders.
    Look forward to this site being part of my daily computer time.

  2. Barbara Jackson says:

    We were fortunate to see this vest save someone. I believe it was a British rider whose horse tumbled during the cross country. THe horse unseated the rider falling over a log jump with drops on the other side. The rider was pinned beneath the horse with his head right on the retaining wall and the horse rolled off to the drop and got up. The horse was unhurt. We saw the rider watching the showjumping the following day! He was interviewed and has cracked ribs, etc but was lucid and a testament to safety equipment for sure!!! Without the vest I fear the result may have been a death or career ending injury.

  3. SmartPak says:

    Thanks for the comment Debora! The question of when exactly Oliver’s vest inflated is an interest topic. It of course wasn’t a question of malfunction, rather Oliver stayed in the saddle for quite a while falling and didn’t create the early separation from the horse to cause the vest to inflate. It was absolutely inflated by the time his horse, Ashdale Cruise Master rolled over him though. At a minimum, it’s a good reminder about how important active protection from a traditional vest still is in the event you don’t create that separation during a fall.

    Somehow Kristi Nunnick’s fall at the same fence didn’t come up. She had a more traditional rotational fall, if such a thing exists, and her vest had fully inflated before she hit the ground – and was discharged the next day as well.

  4. debora says:

    I agree that the delay in inflation seemed to be caused by the “string” not being pulled as Oli was still very close to his horse! That certainly was not a malfunction of the vest itself.
    I also saw the vest inflate at Burghley during several falls. I do think it is an important new area to explore. I am grateful that there are company’s researching and looking for new ways to offer the most protection possible in what is an inherently challenging sport.

  5. i think this is great new technology, and its so good to see more people wearing them.

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