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These Boots Were Made For…

The right boots can play a big part in supporting and protecting your horse, whether he’s at work or at play. From a half-pass to a sliding stop, we’ve got you covered.

1 | Schooling

Patented Shock Absorption Tubes defend against damage, while allowing the Davis Splint Boots (#10690, $31.95) to easily contour to your horse’s legs. A fun assortment of seven colors let you make a stylish statement in the schooling ring.

2 | Reining

Get premium features, unparalleled comfort and 360° of support from the SMB VenTECH (#18511, $93.95). Ventilated neoprene conforms to your horse’s legs and allows heat to escape. Uniquely designed suspensory strap is set at a precise angle, guaranteeing proper application. The strap stretches with each stride, allowing for full range of motion while still offering maximum support.

3 | Ankles

High performance boots for high performance horses. Get the look of leather with the durability of polyurethane from the EquiFit T-Boot EXP2 Ankle Boot (#16849, $147.95). T-Foam lining contours to your horse’s legs, cushioning joints and absorbing up to 97% of shock.

4 | Hooves

Put the fun in functional and protect your horse’s hooves and heels with Davis Bell Boots (#10687, $18.95-$26.95). These longwearing favorites come in seven different colors to spice up your ride!

5 | Dressage

Classic and clean style, perfect for dressage, at a budget-friendly price. The Adelaide Sport Boots (#12594, $34.95) have a polyurethane shell and acrylic fleece lining for protection and comfort. Great for daily use, with easy machine-wash care.

6 | Equitation

The next level in leather boots. Lined with ultra- soft padded calfskin, with a tough grain leather exterior and texturized leather reinforced strike zones. Antares Open Front Boots (#14719, $250.00) provide long-lasting style and protection.

7 | Cross Country

Maximize tendon protection with the Equilibrium Tri-Zone Cross Country Boots (#16733, $99.95). A high-tech outer shell offers outstanding defense against strikes and interference, while corrugated slatted ducts increase breathability and reduce overheating of tendons.

8 | Jumpers

Hi-tech features, impeccable styling, unsurpassed comfort, all in one boot. Prestige T-Tec Open Front Boots (#18635, $175.50) have titanium- treated pads covering the rear tendon area and the fetlocks for maximum strike zone protection.

9 | Turnout

A classic barn staple for protection against interference, at a great price. Neoprene Splint Boots (#15018, $24.95) are quick and easy to put on, great for turnout. Opt for purple to brighten up your horse’s wardrobe.

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7 comments on “These Boots Were Made For…
  1. Is there a boot for trail riding?

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Caroline – thanks for your question! For recreational trail riding, choose a boot that fits your horse’s needs – does he need overall support, does he have some type of interference and is your horse shod?  Most competitive trail riders (CTR’s) do not allow any protection above the hairline but if you and your horse are just out enjoying each other’s company then our boot recommendation would vary. If your horse is shod, a good starting point would be a simple bell boot which would help protect against a pulled shoe out on the trails. Hoof Boots are popular with trail and endurance riders, here is a good bit of information from one of our vendors EasyCare: SmartPak offers the EasyBoot Epic, but we can easily place a special order if there is another style of boot you are interested in.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I use the SMB Elite boots for my horse. The new SMB venTECH states that the heat is allowed to escape the boots. Does this mean that the old elite boots that do not state that the heat excapes is bad for my horses legs? He will wear them up to 2 hours trail riding. I’m confused. It seems like heat would be a bad thing, and would want the heat to escape. Help!

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Lindsay – The venTech is indeed an updated version of the SMB Elite. Enhancements have been made to allow more ventilation through the boot because of perforations in the lining and the limestone based neoprene exterior. The SMB Elite is still a well performing, ultra high quality boot – you should have no concerns about using it on your horse.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I’ve competed reining and used the SMBs; they hold dirt big time. I’ve tried the Classic Equine boots that have a similar look as the SMBs; again, they hold the dirt. A girlfriend of mine who competes her warmbloods in combined driving suggested Eskadron open front boots. They’ve worked so far and are a breeze to clean; they also keep the legs nice and cool.

    I still use the SMB’s and don’t have a problem; I just don’t like competing in them.

  4. Kristen says:

    Hi. I use the SMB venTech boots for my hunter for training and extra support. It says they’re for reining and western type dicaplines; but I’ve seen no problem using them while jumping him. Why is it specified that they are good for western dicalpines but not for english? Should I use a different boot for jumping my horse?

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Kristen – The SMB VenTECH boots are most commonly used in the western disciplines but can absolutely be used for jumping as well. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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