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3 More Supplement Myths Busted

Whether they loved it, already knew it or simply could not believe it, it seemed like everyone had something to say about the supplement myths we busted in our first edition. This time around, we’ve got three new myths, hand-picked by our Customer Care team as common sources of confusion.

Myth #1 – Performance horses only need supplements during their competitive season

False. Hard working horses can benefit from nutritional support all year round. Though it might make sense to adjust your horse’s supplement program according to changes in his workload, taking him off a supplement altogether may not be best for his health (or for his performance next season). There is an exception to every rule, and there are truly “seasonal” supplements, like those designed for insect control. However, the majority of supplements give the best results when fed consistently.

Myth #2 – Weight gain supplements will make horses “hot”

False. Quality weight gain supplements get the vast majority of their calories from fats, which are often referred to “cool calories” or “calm energy”. Because the fats provide calories without causing a spike in blood sugar, you will not see the same “sugar-high” effect as you would if you simply fed more starches (like grain). If you want to help your horse fill out, consider feeding a customer favorite like SmartGain 4 (#14505, $25.60) or Cool Calories 100 (#13725, $12.95).

Myth #3 – Giving an electrolyte is all you have to do to keep your horse hydrated

False. Your horse needs fresh water to stay hydrated. Feeding an electrolyte supplement like Apple-A-Day (#10034, $8.35) or SmartLytes (#16321, $7.85) is a great way to replace the essential minerals lost in sweat, while providing salt, which encourages your horse to drink. However, if you don’t also offer fresh water, your horse could end up more dehydrated than he was before.

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One comment on “3 More Supplement Myths Busted
  1. I would like to add to your very informative blog about electrolyte supplementation. Horses, like all mammals have limited capacity to store “extra” electrolytes. Under normal work and training conditions the timing of feeding your electrolyte supplement is not a big consideration, but during times of extreme sweating due to heavy work or high temperatures your horse will receive maximum benefit from his electrolyte supplement if it is fed after the stress event. But it should only be given after you have confirmed that the horse is drinking water. As your blog stated giving eletrolytes to a dehydrated horse that is not drinking will worsen the dehydration.
    Keep your blogs coming, their great!

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