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In The Bag

  1. With room to spare and multi-purpose pockets, the Ariat Carry All (#11105, $32.95) is an obvious choice for the show.
  2. Complete your grooming kit with a Hoof Pick Brush with Grip (#11622, $1.95).
  3. Save 10% on four great brushes with the Champion Winner’s Circle Brush Kit (#11223, $36.70).
  4. Keep track of your towels with a set of Personalized Grooming Towels (#14266, $29.95).
  5. Shine in the spotlight with Silverado Face Glo (#16185, $7.95), and World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner (#16244, $8.95).
  6. Get show-ring ready hooves with SuperShine Hoof Polish (#10213, $9.95) and touch up your toes with Ultra Hoof Polish Enhancer (#18404, $9.95).
  7. Freshen up with the soft and hygienic Eye & Muzzle (#15369, $9.95) and Under the Tail Wipes (#15370, $6.95).
  8. Cover up scars for a picture-perfect look with Shapley’s Show Touch Up (#16239, $9.95).
  9. Clip on the go with the cordless Moser Arco Clippers (#11342, $145.95), and trim last minute whiskers with the Horse Shave (#16209, $5.95).
  10. Clean up even the most sensitive areas with the ultra-soft goat hair Face Brush (#10478, $5.95).
  11. Get a tangle free-tail with Show Sheen (#10211, $11.95 and tame wild manes with Quic Braid (#10217, $7.50).
  12. Stock up on Bob’s Sweet Stripes (#18004, $9.95) to fill your tote with tasty, mess-free treats.

Do you have a must-have that you need in your bag on show day? Share your suggestion in our comments below!

Stable Smart Q&A – Tips from the SmartPak Staff

Question: What’s your favorite trick for a winning look on show day?

“When I groom, I keep a clean, damp towel handy and after every brush stroke, I swipe the brush across the towel. This cleans the brush of dirt and dust, and the brush stays slightly damp to pull extra dirt from the coat. It’s quick, easy and effective!”
-Renee, Purchasing

“I love the Stand-N-Store Step Stool. Perfect for on-the-road grooming, it holds my stud kit and braiding kit. I use it to stand on for braids and sit on for studs. It’s my favorite show grooming tool!”
-Erin, Marketing

“I let my Champion Pepi Coat Spray do double duty. First, I spray it directly onto a clean dandy brush and brush my whole horse to collect any dust. After smoothing his coat with a body brush, I give him a once-over mist for an unbeatable shine.”
-Sarah, Marketing

“I braid a lot of the horses in our barn when we go to horse shows. When I’ve got a big list, I wrap my fingers in Vetrap. I find that it really helps keep them from getting sore.”
-Elizabeth, Customer Care


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3 comments on “In The Bag
  1. Liz says:

    When I show usually the day before after I wash down my horses I put in Cowboy Magic Detangler and Shine. I leave that in and brush out the tail. The next morning there is not a single tangle! And I don’t use tail bags on any of my horses! It’s an amazing product!

  2. Brenda says:

    WOW whitener is a must have for last minute clean ups on grey or light colored horses! Great for white socks also. Fast and convenient! Brenda

  3. I really think this package works well, I especially enjoy the Ariat bag!

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