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The Pak Trunk

With riders in every department, we’re constantly testing and reviewing every item we carry. Since we’ve literally seen it all, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites with you!

  1. SmartPak Deluxe Wood Trunk (#16297, starting at $599.95)
    “You really have to see this trunk to appreciate the quality. I get compliments from everyone, even the parents of the lesson kids, who know nothing about horses!” — Carrie, Marketing
  2. SmartBlue or SmartPink Grooming Set (#15704, $49.95)
    “I bought this as a gift for my niece when she got her first pony. She absolutely loved the SmartPink plaid, and I like that a portion of the profit is donated to breast cancer research.” — Jenny, Customer Care
  3. Dubarry Galway Boot (#17708, $439.00)
    “From walking the water complex to post-XC drinks, nothing beats my Dubarry boots. Four years and going strong, they are one of my most favorite things. Comfy after long days in tall boots at summer shows, and I have even worn them to shovel snow!” — Colby, Marketing
  4. Pony Pop Starter Kit (#14885, $79.95)
    “My horse feels the same way about Pony Pops as I do about chocolate — irresistible! They keep him happy and last for up to two weeks.” — Emily, Customer Care
  5. EquiFit ShouldersBack (#12360, $47.95)
    “One of my worst riding habits is that I occasionally lean forward and create the ‘roach back’ look — yuck! I wore the ShouldersBack in a lesson but didn’t mention it to my trainer, and she commented that my posture was much more consistent.” — Casey, Customer Care
  6. Life is Good Fitted Tee (#18206, $24.95)
    “I love this shirt so much, I bought a second one! I got it for the cute design, but it’s also ridiculously soft and the fit is the perfect balance between loose and fitted, and it’s actually long enough to tuck in to breeches.” — Erin, Marketing
  7. Personalized Fleece Lined Nylon Jacket (#16685, $49.95)
    “This is my favorite barn jacket. It resists shavings, dirt, horsey sneezes, and water. The embroidery is top-notch and at such a great price, my entire barn was able to get matching jackets!” — Molly, Purchasing
  8. Kensington Stall Guard (#12310, $47.95)
    “My sister and I both have these personalized with our horse’s names. For us, stall guards work better than nameplates, because the horses in our barn move a lot to accommodate new arrivals. We just unclip the stall guard and move to the new stall.” — Sara, Customer Care
  9. Leather Nameplate Bracelet (#11599, $19.95)
    “This is my go-to horsey gift for many different people, from my friends to my barn manager. I have one in each color – a choice for every outfit! Even after six years, they’re still in great condition!”
    — Ashley, Customer Care
  10. Tack Classic Hi Muck Boots (#12491, $99.95)
    Springtime mud and winter snow are no match for these boots! They seal out the water but still let my feet breathe. Two thumbs up!” — Sarah, Customer Care
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