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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Meet Samantha and Gav

Name: Gav Age: 8 Gender: Gelding Breed: Thoroughbred Discipline: Jumper Owner: Samantha Derby In June 2009 my horse, Gav, suffered an impaction colic. After weeks of intensive care and worrying that we would lose him, he slowly started to recover.

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Best Supplements and Exercise for Horse with OCD

I have a five year old Belgian mare that has some ocd in her hocks. She also had a bone chip in her pastern as a weanling. The chip was removed and the joint cleaned up in surgery. I am

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Dressage Pad Trendsetting: Orange is the New White

Meet my latest dressage pad — a custom Mattes (pronounced Mattus, not Matts, I’m told) pad that I ordered from SmartPak. Many of you may know that the dressage world is expanding its notion of “acceptable show colors” to include

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The Event at Rebecca Farm: Eventing World Cup Qualifier

The Event at Rebecca Farm takes place this weekend in Montana, which is also one of the United State’s World Cup Qualifiers. Mara Dean won the last US World Cup Qualifier, who will win this weekend?

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Tom McCutcheon Rehabilition Center

Tom McCutcheon and Tim McQuay on Tom’s Equine Spa and Rehabilitation Center.

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On Eventing Trend: Mattes Pads

When I was just a wee half-pint with a little pony named Sun Polish I rode with a thin, fleece saddle pad. That was it. If the saddle didn’t fit the going wisdom said to throw a spongy pad shaped

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Meet Renee and Let’s Do Some Kissin’

After an unsuccessful racing career, Kiss ended up in an auction kill pen, headed for slaughter. Luckily, a Thoroughbred rescue group was present and saved her life. I adopted Kiss the first day I met her.

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2010 WEG Selection Conference


Coverage of the 2010 WEG Reining Team Selection in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on July 10th, 2010. Video courtesy of our friends at Equestrian Life.

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Supplement Recommendations for an EPM Survivor?

I have a 15 YO Warmblood gelding who is an EPM survivor. He has some residual neurological issues, what do you recommend for his supplements?

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Road Trip to Middleburg: There’s No Place Like Home

I have been to lots of horsey towns, especially with all our road trips. Ocala and Aiken are big ones. But none can hold a candle to Middleburg.

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SmartPak Hits the Trails

After a busy week at the office, the customer care team was looking forward to a nice relaxing trail ride. 16 members of the customer care team ventured off to Sunset Stables in Lincoln, RI where we enjoyed a great

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What’s Up With My Supplement? Part II: SmartPak’s Guilt-Free Plastic

Well, you read my little diatribe on meds/supps. Here’s another little issue with supplements. As a barn worker and horse owner, I like SmartPaks. They’re easy to feed, easy to track, and easy to keep fresh. But I have to

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Tim McQuay and Tom McCutcheon On SmartPak


We sat down with Team SmartPak and U.S. Reining WEG team members, Tim McQuay and Tom McCutcheon, to get their thoughts on why they use the SmartPak system and how’s it become an integral component in their barns.

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Tim McQuay and Tom McCutcheon on WEG


We caught up with Tim and Tom before the Battle in the Saddle to get their thoughts on being WEG-hopefuls, their excitement with having the games in the states and the pressure that comes with being on the team.

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Meet Alaina and Azi

Azi, my 6 year old Quarter Horse mare, suffers from skin allergies and has always been a bit nervous and excitable. I considered all my supplement options and decided to feed SmartB1 and the SmartMSM in combination.

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