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Dressage Pad Trendsetting: Orange is the New White

Meet my latest dressage pad — a custom Mattes (pronounced Mattus, not Matts, I’m told) pad that I ordered from SmartPak. Many of you may know that the dressage world is expanding its notion of “acceptable show colors” to include more than white, black, and navy. While dressage pads aren’t discussed, I feel that riders in the avant-garde can start to experiment :-). And Riley and I are ready to rock the dressage world with the our new orange-hued pad.

I first saw my Mattes pad dream color, Terra cotta, while at Rolex. Terra is a really nice color — not orange, not pumpkin, not rust, not peach, just a very pleasantly saturated rich apricot. I originally thought about getting aubergine and olive trim but when I used the Smartpak saddle pad customization application I could see aubergine would be a mistake.

Oh, by the way, the SmartPak Mattes customization app is really cool. Who would have thunk that online shopping could be such a “real” experience? The video below illustrates how easy it is to create your dreampad on SmartPak…

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2 comments on “Dressage Pad Trendsetting: Orange is the New White
  1. SC says:

    It’s high time dressage lightened up (no pun intended). It could be such a great, all-inclusive sport for all breeds of horses and all types of riders.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m a big fan of color – always have been, always will be. So when I started riding dressage it was natural for me to transition my colors over into the dressage world as well. Do I ever expect to trot onto the centerline in neon green polos/saddle pad? No. But I have no qualms schooling in every color of the rainbow.

    Honestly, I don’t think I’d ever like to see the dressage show world turned out like the eventers, but the idea that something other than black, white and navy could be seen is enticing. I look forward to more “hunter” appropriate colors in the dressage world. Say hello to pastel shirts, etc. We ride because we love the sport and the horses – why not express ourselves as well.

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