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Innovative Horse Boots and Wraps

When we talk about innovation in English equestrian equipment, the explosion of new horse boot and legwrap options is one of the first things that comes to mind. As we all know, there’s a lot resting on those four delicate legs and keeping them protected is one of the best insurances against injury-related vet bills and time off work. Through the use of unique materials and designs, many of the new products give so much more thought to support and compression, strike-zone coverage, fit, and leg temperature. Here we introduce three of our favorites:

Dressage Sport Boot 2 (DSB2) – Strength and softness are the key characteristics of the DSB2. The soft, high-quality fleece lining is much thicker and holds its loft (especially after washing) better than comparable boots we’ve owned. Heavy duty elastic straps allow for a very secure fit, while the foam strike-zone padding is also much more substantial than similar models. Note: while we thought the cordura binding seemed like a great idea, our horse’s gait wore it out very quickly. We recommend opting for the boot without it.

EquiFit T-Sport Wrap – Breathability is the key to these wraps, made from open-cell, non-latex foam. An alternative to traditional fleece polo wraps, the T-Sport wrap transfers out heat while conforming to and supporting the horse’s leg. These wraps can also be used over the T-Foam bandage liner for additional support and protection. Note: users report that the t-sports may not be good for those inexperienced with wrapping, as they can be applied too tightly.

Equilibrium Tri-Zone Cross Country Boot – These boots have three protective zones for impact protection, while remaining extremely lightweight. Slatted cuts on the inside and outside of the boot allow air circulation to prevent overheating. For an even lighter weight version of the boot, check out the Allsport Boot with Equilibrium’s Airlite technology and mesh outer layer.

For those wanting more information on the specifics of leg protection for eventing, check out this presentation on the topic by Dr. David Marlin at the 2009 USEA Annual Meeting.

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