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Meet Alaina and Azi

Name: Azure Te Rollmeachip, aka Azi
Age: 6
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Discipline: Barrel Racing and Pole Bending
Owner: Alaina Houpt

Azi, my 6 year old Quarter Horse mare, suffers from skin allergies and has always been a bit nervous and excitable. I considered all my supplement options and decided to feed SmartB1 and the SmartMSM in combination. These supplements have helped Azi develop into a serious racing competitor. SmartB1 helps her focus on her job, and the SmartMSM helps her skin stay healthy, and supports her joints as well. Azi deserves the best to be the best and we rely on SmartPak to keep her competitive.

See you in October at Quarter Horse Congress!

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3 comments on “Meet Alaina and Azi
  1. K.M. says:

    The only thing that stands out in this blog entry is the lack of helmet.

    • RL says:

      Are you kidding? Wearing a helmet is an individual’s choice! I wear a helmet but I still believe people should be able choose to wear or not wear one. Besides in a serious accident a helmet may or may not do you any good.

      • H.R. says:

        A good rider who doesn’t wear a helmet is not a smart rider. Saying a helmet won’t make a difference is like saying seatbelts don’t save lives… in some cases helmets might not help, but a HUGE majority of accidents are not as bad because of them! I fell on my head once (horse spooked and took off when I was still getting on) and I was still knocked out, but when I went to the hospital, the ER doctors examined my head and the helmet I had on during the fall, and they said I could have had a traumatic brain injury had I not been wearing it!

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