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Meet Renee and Let’s Do Some Kissin’

Name: Let’s Do Some Kissin’
Breed: Thoroughbred
Owner: Renee Sanderson
Age: 7
Gender: Mare
Discipline: Dressage

After an unsuccessful racing career, Kiss ended up in an auction kill pen, headed for slaughter. Luckily, a Thoroughbred rescue group was present and saved her life. I adopted Kiss the first day I met her. She came to me with dry, brittle, cracked feet, a dull coat and stiff, sore hocks. I put her on ReitSport HA-100, and we really saw a difference. Her coat was gleaming and my farrier couldn’t believe how much her feet had improved. And what a difference it made in our training! Before, schooling meant soreness. Now she is moving much more comfortably, and even looks forward to training.

With joint ingredients, antioxidants, probiotics and Omega 3s in the mix, I have everything I need to keep her happy and healthy all in one supplement! Kiss has been with me for three years now and I know with ReitSport HA-100 she and I will have long and successful partnership for years to come!

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2 comments on “Meet Renee and Let’s Do Some Kissin’
  1. Lisa Van Stratten says:

    What a beautiful horse! I can’t believe she was almost slaughtered. What a tragedy that would have been. So happy you saved her!

  2. TBDancer says:

    My OTTB didn’t end up at slaughter, but he was headed for a trailer on a “date with destiny,” a monthly auction in Central California if I hadn’t been persuaded that he was the horse I was looking for. I’ve had him 12 years (July 31–our “anniversary” ;o) and it has been quite a journey. Like you, Renee, I bought him that first day and haven’t looked back–except to thank my lucky stars that he and I were both in the right place at the right time.

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