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What’s Up With My Supplement? Part II: SmartPak’s Guilt-Free Plastic

Well, you read my little diatribe on meds/supps. Here’s another little issue with supplements.

As a barn worker and horse owner, I like SmartPaks. They’re easy to feed, easy to track, and easy to keep fresh. But I have to admit I used to feel bad about all that plastic. My horses already consume a lot of the planet’s resources — the shavings, the manure, the long horse baths, the fly spray, and the list goes on. I have used SmartPaks for some time, but not without “green guilt.” It turns out, though, that this guilt is misplaced.

I’m green after all!

Last week I added another supplement to Riley’s SmartPak — and in talking with the SmartPak rep I confessed my green guilt. Well, God bless the rep. She referred me to SmartPak’s green policies and practices (and a statement they published for Earth Day 2008)…

  • SmartPak uses recycled plastic (PET #1) that customers can re-recycled in virtually every community in the US. It’s the easiest plastic to recycle, it’s impermeable, and it’s light. Many standard supplement buckets are PET 5 or another type of plastic that is not easily recycled.
  • SmartPak recently made it’s plastic “blister packs” thinner so that even less plastic is used.
  • Supplement products are delivered to SmartPak in bulk, in reusable containers.
  • Most of the SmartPak processing and production is tracked electronically (no paper).
  • Their shrinkwrap is biodegradable.
  • SmartPak uses certified recycled cardboard and they reuse it.
  • They don’t use styrofoam in shipping.
  • They’re extremely efficient in their shipping and delivery (Barn Buddies is the tip of the iceberg), plus you save gas from trips to the tack shop.

The SmartPak literature provides a lot more detail, but to sum it up, green is their thing. I may be a gluttonous consumer of unnecessary and frivolous equestrian products — bling browbands, for example — but I need not feel guilty about SmartPaks.

It’s amazing and wonderful that something that’s actually convenient is also green. It doesn’t usually work that way…

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5 comments on “What’s Up With My Supplement? Part II: SmartPak’s Guilt-Free Plastic
  1. Sue Callahan says:

    We had 3 horses receiving oil in their feed and one owner supplied a measuring cup. As you know, oil is messy no matter how careful you are and then you have to clean the utensil. Since I and another owner used SmartPak (in the plastic wells), I measured the oil and then poured it into an empty well. One quarter cup is perfectly measured in the well and can be thrown away…no mess and no utensil to clean afterwards.

  2. Allison Mesa says:

    I love that SmartPak’s have made such a wonderful effort in being a green and earth friendly company. I know that the plastic portion is recycleable but what about the top tearoff portion? I have been putting the whole thing in my recycle bin but would like to make sure. Does anyone know?

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Allison,

      That’s great to hear you’re taking advantage of your SmartPak’s ability to be recycled. Unfortunately, the tear-off portion is not recyclable as it’s a unique foil and paper blend, which is not recyclable.

  3. Susan says:

    I was putting the smart pak blister packs in the recycling till a worker told me they couldn’t take them. ? Some centers don’t have sources to reuse some plastics. ?

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Susan – we use PET plastic to make SmartPaks because it is the most widely recycled material in the country. If you’re recycling facility accepts plastics, they should absolutely be accepting SmartPaks.

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