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Monthly Archives: August 2010

That’s my horse, no it’s not, yes it is…

Some day’s jokes are funny even without knowing the rest of the story; well then again I do know the rest of the story. Let’s just say that I know someone who may be trying to challenge me for the worst ability to recognize a horse.

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Hoof Supplements vs Hoof Topicals

It’s rained on and off here outside Chicago for a while now. Due to standing in water, our horse’s hooves got soft. Our vet told us to give him Farrier’s Formula supplements, which we did.

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Meet Hannah and Barbie

A year ago our twenty year-old quarter horse mare, Barbie, started showing signs of stiffness, soreness and discomfort. She was starting to slow down and show a noticeable “hitch” in her gaits.

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Rapid Weight Loss in Horse

I have an 8-year-old gelding, purchased under a year ago. He has been in pasture w/ my mare and filly they are fat and gaining weight and look good, however; he is losing weight.

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GMHA Training and Novice 3-Day Event – Day 3: Endurance

After an early arrival to get the horses fed and get all the tack and equipment ready, we grooms headed to the 10-minute box to help a friend, and the riders walked the course one last time. The 10-minute box

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GMHA Training and Novice 3-Day Event: Day 2

Braiding Dusty was a team effort! Wednesday started out beautiful, sunny, and cool – finally! It’s been hot and humid up in New England, so it was perfect timing for the nice weather. The first jog-up started at 7:30 for

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GMHA Training and Novice 3-Day Event

Greetings from the GMHA Training and Novice 3-Day Event! SmartPak is a proud sponsor of both the GMHA and the Classic 3-Day Series, so it was the perfect blog storm when one of SmartPak’s own, Colby, qualified for the event

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AQHA Youth Worlds 2010 – Home Run Hit!

Arena of Dreams – When I heard about this year’s theme for the Youth Worlds my mind immediately jumped to the 1989 film classic Field of Dreams and the unforgettable mantra “If you build it, they will come.” Well that’s

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Feeding Round Bales to Horses

I have a boarding barn where the pastures have been eaten down. In lieu of the grass I now put out a fairly decent round bale for the horse to eat off of. I observe their behavior and essentially there are no bullies hogging the bale.

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Training in Germany

Guten Morgen. Last time I updated my SmartPak blog I was still in Belgium – well a whole lot has happened since then! Ayscha was still not a happy camper with the pressure of competing at Aachen building up, so

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Meet Alicia and CP Candy

In 1995, C was in a serious accident requiring major surgery on his hind legs. Luckily, his recovery went well and he was able to return to light trail riding.

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”The Matrix” Meets Horse Supplements

Is there a matrix somewhere that recommends types of daily supplements that should be used based on type of grain fed, type of use, hours of forage/day, etc?

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Here we go…

So this is a start to another grand adventure. Whether we end up at the WEG or not, it will be an interesting process. It is funny, for it almost seems like the very first time Amy was selected to represent the USA.

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