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GMHA Training and Novice 3-Day Event – Day 3: Endurance

After an early arrival to get the horses fed and get all the tack and equipment ready, we grooms headed to the 10-minute box to help a friend, and the riders walked the course one last time. The 10-minute box was surprisingly calm and methodical, and the horses coming in looked to be in great shape. After a TPR (temperature, pulse, respiration) reading by the vets and a few rounds of sponge, scrape, sponge, scrape, the horses jogged again for the vets and ground jury, the riders got a quick drink of water, and they were back out on course headed to cross-country.

Allison and Colby were dressed, tacked up, and markered up by 10 am and the horses were ready to go. Remember how they had to use a calculator to figure out the time breakdowns for each of the four phases? Here’s the result… and this is only one arm!

Allison was out first on course and Dusty trotted in to the 10-minute box in great shape – only slightly elevated temperature and healthy as a … well… horse. We did many, many rounds of sponge, scrape, repeat; Dusty’s owner Nancy walked him around, Allison trotted him for the vets and ground jury, and she was off again, soon to finish with no faults on the endurance phase.

Back at the steeplechase course, unfortunately, Colby’s day came to an untimely end. Rudder slid on the grass coming around a corner, and as a result, Colby did an unplanned demo of her Point Two air jacket on the ground next to him. Both horse and rider were fine, albeit disappointed (well, the rider was. Horse got to go back to his stall early and eat hay, which was fine with him!).

So, our adventure ended a little earlier than expected, although Colby got permission from the TD to show jump (ironically, after jogging her horse for soundness!), and is already aiming for another Training 3-Day. And Allison and Dusty ended up taking home the big blue ribbon – go Team SmartPak!

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One comment on “GMHA Training and Novice 3-Day Event – Day 3: Endurance
  1. Thanks for all your support for all of our events!
    I’m glad you all got to experience GMHA. Colby did a great job in the August HT, I will put her on the list for next years N/T 3Day

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