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Meet Hannah and Barbie

Name: Sheza Funny Lady, “Barbie”
Age: 20
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Riding Discipline: Western Pleasure and Showmanship
Owners: Susan and Hannah Snelling

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A year ago our twenty year-old quarter horse mare, Barbie, started showing signs of stiffness, soreness and discomfort. She was starting to slow down and show a noticeable “hitch” in her gaits. My eleven year old daughter, Hannah, shows Barbie in showmanship and western pleasure classes at local shows and with her 4-H club, so I wanted to help keep Barbie comfortable.

By chance, I stopped by the SmartPak booth at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. After discussing Barbie’s situation, the SmartPak associate recommended SmartFlex Senior Pellets. After only a few weeks, there was a HUGE difference in Barbie’s gait. Her movement is much more fluid – she moves like a youngster now! My veterinarian is very impressed with the results from SmartFlex Senior. I think SmartPak should change the name from SmartFlex to WonderFlex! You have a customer for life!

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One comment on “Meet Hannah and Barbie
  1. Mshorsecrazy says:

    Wow!!! Barbie Looks JUST Like the Horse I lease! Crazy! Same symptoms too, she just has a little artritice

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