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Team Fashion from the World Equestrian Games

Fashion comes in teams at the World Equestrian Games. Or any other world competition, for that matter, since the riders jog as teammates and wear matching outfits. For the 2010 jogs we saw a lot of ties and scarves in country colors but a few countries managed to stand out of the crowd.


The Swedes looked polished, well-tailored, and in synch (flashy brow-bands should be used with caution but the Swedes pull it off with grace and style). The coordinated scarves and ties were a nice added touch for a pop of color and team spirit.

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)


In case of a water landing be sure to note your nearest exit.

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)


Whoever picks the Americans outfits should have taken better notes from Rolex. We loved Buck’s suits from Rolex so much more than this wild west look. At Rolex we said that Boyd would look good in anything, including a burlap sack. Bring back the burlap sack! Out of the Americans Karen pulled off the look the best. But even Mandiba (note the ear akimbo) wasn’t sure about the cowboy hat. We’d be happy to provide our fashion consulting services for the US Team so we can show off our team’s natural assets!

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)


We love the coordinated brow bands that pulled the team’s already professional presentation together. The German color palette lends itself to a colored browbands (as well as polo shirts and jackets, lucky them!). Similar to the Newmarket rugs, those colors just work.

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)


As one might expect from Italians this team looked well-tailored, stylish, and confident. It’s hard to beat and Italian at their own game. They can, after all, claim some of the finest fashion houses in the world and this rubs off on everyone, including their event riders.

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)


It was the Canadians, however, who really blew the competition out of the water. They had a classic look that they each wore well but still were coordinated as a team. They could be on the cover of JCrew with this look, out to dinner with friends, or, as was the case, a jog up. Even their vets were in on the team look for team spirit from start to finish.

(photo courtesy of Josh Walker)

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One comment on “Team Fashion from the World Equestrian Games
  1. Raven Schmidt says:

    Loved Italy’s look, and sooo proud to be candian right now!

    would be cool if you guys did something like this for the vaulters’ leotards 🙂

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