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The Power of Uber-Cool Boots

Cordoba Andalusian Riding Boots from SmartPak Equine
Cordoba Andalusian Riding Boots from SmartPak Equine

One of my cellphone ringtones is “These boots are made for walkin'” by Nancy Sinatra. Nancy’s wearin’ her boots and she’s ready to stomp on some fools. Me too! I don’t know what it is, but the sound of my Petries on the barn aisle makes me feel like a pretty freakin’ powerful.

If my Petries make me a Princess of Power, what do you think these Cordoba Andalusian Riding Boots, from SmartPak Equine, will bring their wearer? I know the answer: Super powers and super chic. Kudos to SmartPak Equine for branching out into the equestrian fashion zone. This fall’s catalog is a blast.

The trick to wearing these boots, I think, is to let them make a statement all by themselves. A pair of brown cords, a beige cable sweater, a little thin gold strand around the neck, and you’re done.

Of course I want a pair, but between Devon and having Riley in full training and flying home for my high school reunion and buying two saddles (used) I have been very, very naughty. I’m on shopping hiatus, big time. I’ll be lucky if I’m in any sort of financial shape by Christmas.

What our Customers Say

Cordoba Andalusian Riding Boot
(131 reviews)

Absolutely Beautiful boots!!!

“I absolutely love my Cordoba Andalusian Boots, they are just lovely, they fit perfect, a very nice quality of leather. I get compliments on them where ever I go! Highly recommended!!”

Cordoba Andalusian Riding Boot
(131 reviews)

Super nice

“Very nice, well made boot. Leather is thick but soft and zipper is high quality. Can be used for riding but mine won’t see barn for a while, till they show some wear. Snazzy boot!

Fit: heel is narrower and toe box sleek (but wide enough for fairly wide toes/front of foot). Could use some more arch support for higher arched foot so will add it to mine. A tad narrow around the ankles, and calves tend toward medium wide, which feels a bit wider as the leather is soft. Fit similar to Mountain Horse Classic High Riders, with slightly narrower feel on foot and wider feeling calf. 40 Euro size is a 9 US (almost small so must wear thin sock, regular boot socks are perfect).”

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