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Peek in Our Paks – Sara F.

Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the horses we adore.

This Month’s Pick

Staff Member: Sara F.
Department: Creative
Horse: Diem, 12 year-old Thoroughbred
Discipline: Eventing

I started riding when I was 12, which was about 10 years after I fell in love with horses. I begged for a pony every Christmas but it wasn’t until 2007 I that I finally bought my own horse, Diem. On my trainer’s recommendation, I decided to try eventing. After our first cross-country phase we were both hooked and we’ve been competing ever since. We’ve successfully completed three Novice-level sanctioned events, and even brought home a ribbon from the last one!

Diem’s SmartPaks

Diem’s SmartPak includes SmartCombo™ Ultra Pellets, SmartGut® Pellets and SmartSand Purge.

SmartSand Purge
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SmartGut® Pellets

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SmartCombo™ Ultra Pellets

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From the dressage ring to the cross-country course, Diem gives me everything he’s got (sometimes more than I bargain for!). I want to make sure he gets everything he needs to stay going strong as we move up the levels in eventing. Diem used to be on three different supplements to support his joints, hooves and skin & coat. SmartCombo Ultra Pellets were the obvious choice to cover all of those bases. Plus, he gets even more of the good stuff because it includes digestive support as well. With four great SmartSupplement formulas in one easy-to-feed, pelleted supplement, I know I’ve got Diem’s bases covered.

As we started traveling to more off-site lessons and away shows last year, I noticed Diem becoming nervous and uncomfortable when he came off the trailer. Knowing how stressful travel can be on a horse’s sensitive stomach, I decided to put him on a daily dose of SmartGut Pellets. The specialized ingredients soothe and support his stomach, and I have a happier horse from the first step off the trailer.

Rounding out Diem’s nutritional regimen is a week of SmartSand Purge each month. The packets are super easy to feed, and I like knowing that Diem is getting the extra fiber he needs to counteract eating in a sandy paddock.

Why Sara Uses SmartPaks

I buy Diem’s supplements in SmartPaks because I know how much of a difference they make. When I first purchased Diem, I worked at the barn to help offset the cost of board. Feeding 60 horses at 6:30 AM was hard enough, but to make matters worse, only two horses had their supplements in SmartPaks. I would run up and down the aisles from the feed room making sure every horse had the correct supplements – all those horses with multiple buckets really slowed me down. Worst of all, I knew it was taking time away from riding my new horse. SmartPaks are a great time-saver, and your barn staff will definitely thank you!

Sara Florin

Sara as a rider: I think I fell in love with horses before I could walk, but I didn't start taking lessons until I was 12. I rode hunter/jumper for many years, including two years on an IHSA team. After college, I moved to Massachusetts and found an event barn where I fell in love with my current (and first!) horse, Carpe Diem. We've been learning to event together for the six years that I've had him, and he's making the leap to Training level this year - I just hope I'm ready to make it with him! Sara as a SmartPaker: Working in the Creative department at SmartPak is nothing short of a dream job. As the Creative Director, I'm able to help determine how we present ourselves to the riders browsing our catalogs in barns and tack rooms across the country. We work very hard, but it's a whole lot easier when you're looking at images of gorgeous horses all day. All about Diem: Diem is the quintessential chestnut OTTB. At 13 years old, he's still a puzzle to figure out every time I ride, and he's an absolute blast when the pieces come together. He's athletic and bold, and he jumps around cross country like a machine. The dressage doesn't come naturally to either of us, but working through that challenge has taught me a lot about patience and persistence. And, it makes me appreciate the jumping phases even more.

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