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WEG Freestyle Exhibition

The Freestyle Exhibition started at 6PM and was really quite awesome to see. Glitter is almost expected. Throw in a set of wings, a couple of tuxedos, an evening gown, lose a few bridles and we have a party! The exhibition led off with Heather Johnson riding DoubleKnotYourReeboks to the Joan Jett & The Black Hearts’ classic, I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll! She did tempi changes that any dressage rider would envy, amazing spins and the leather pants made the whole outfit! Emily Winegar was awesome with Lil Ruf Sara and her conga-dancing assistants! Complete with conga drums, and a dancer, Emily wowed the crowd! The mare even danced with one of the assistants and lead a conga line halfway around the arena! Trevor Dare did his take on cowboy vaulting, in the spirit of the World Equestrian Games, scissor kicking around to ride backwards, then back to front and even flipping off the sides!

Aachen team member, Aaron Ralston, did a great routine bareback with nothing but a bosal, to the delight of the crowd! Lyndsey Jordan decided to take her bridle off to perform the spins and backups that completed her routine! Stacey Westfall and her mounted shooting horse, Vaquero, did their routine to Bon Jovi’s Dead or Alive, with a saddle and bridle this time, dressed as a bandit complete with the trench coat, six shooter and bandanna!

Anky Van Grunsven wraped up the evening with her competition mount, Whizashiningwalla BB to the West Side Story favorite, I Want To Be In America! She showed off the tempi changes and pirouettes that have made her a dressage star, throwing in some awesome sliding stops and spins to prove her Reiner cred, for good measure!

Pete Kyle stole the show for me with Whizs Bronze Star. They performed to Brad Paisley’s awesome song, I’m Just A Guy, dressed in shorts, black high-top sneakers with spurs, a Gunners Special Nite trucker cap and carrying a toy rifle and a cooler. Much of the routine was done without reins and there was lots of theatricality! The crowd got a kick out of lots of hunting, fishing, Pepsi swilling and crushing of cans on his head. He threw Pepsis into the crowd, carefully of course! The best part for me was the rein-less spins, while Pete spun his cap around and around on his head. It was really awesome, I’m not gonna lie. Love the shout out to “Bailey” by sporting his cap! Thanks, Pete! You rock!
It was a great week, a wonderful introduction for many people to the amazing world of reining, a successful week for us, personally and just a massively good time!

Off to the Blue Grass Supper Club for the Reining Medal Party!

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One comment on “WEG Freestyle Exhibition
  1. laura says:

    You were so lucky to get to go to the freestyle reining. It and and individual finals for the reining were sold out by early August!!! I’ve enjoyed the freestyle reining at Congress more in past years, especially when Stacy Westfall rode bareback and without a bridle and gave steller performances. However, as always the athletic ability and grace of the clearly happy horses and riders is always a joy!

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