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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Horse Losing Hair

I’ve got a horse that has been in full time training. He went to the trainer with a show coat and 30 days later he has now blown his hair coat and looks like he is in the middle of winter. What makes a horse blow his show coat in this manner?

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SmartPak Blog Futurity Set Ups

The NRHA Futurity is one of the biggest events of the reining year and the set ups surely add to the excitement in the air. Set ups are a great way for ranches to advertise, promote stallions and to demonstrate their hospitality.

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Thanksgiving at SmartPak

SmartPak Food Drive By Brianna During my time at SmartPak I have seen how our great customer service and care for other people and animals reaches far beyond serving customers. The genuine care and concern expressed by every member of

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Rapid Weight Loss in Horse

We have a 34 year old mare, who is losing weight rapidly in the last month. She will not eat it if we add water to it. What could we add/supplement or change to help her?

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Peek in Our Paks – Katrina

Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the horses we adore. This Month’s Pick Staff Member: Katrina C. Department: Customer Care Team Horse: DJ, 15

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Meet the Simon Family and Ima Silver Streak

I’d like to share the story of our Quarter Horse gelding, Paddy, and his long road to good feet. When we bought him, his feet were in terrible shape.

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Reflections on the Pau CCI****

I’ve waited about a week now since the end of the Pau CCI**** to reflect on my first European three-day event. I think it was good to take a breath and get back in the swing of things before I

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Fall Favorites from Dappled Grey

A wise equestrian once said, “A rider can never have too many boots.” Ok, so we’re the ones who said that but still… you know it’s true! In a season when every design house puts out their version of a

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Barn of the Month – Echelon Sporthorses

Echelon Sporthorses was designed and built by owner Genevieve Edwards, who has been teaching and training in the Savannah area since 2004. Before that, she worked, trained and showed with top barns and professionals in the northwest from a very young age. Since Echelon’s official opening in May 2010, she has assembled an awesome group of boarders, riders and clinic instructors.

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Is it Okay to Mix Supplements?

Is there any problem with nutrients interacting with each other if they are stored together for a long time? Ie do any minerals “eat up” others? Stacy Dear Stacy, Great minds think alike! SmartPak has long wondered this too, so

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Goodbye to Butterflies

Tense, edgy, spooky, worried. If any of these words describe your horse, a calming supplement could make training easier and riding more fun. These natural products are carefully formulated to alleviate anxiety, improve focus and help your horse feel confident

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Meet Vickey and Padrona Auventera

I just had to send you photos of my Arabian mare from a recent show. She has been on SmartOmega 3 for a couple of months and the changes in her are incredible.

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Senior Horse Supplements

With a sound nutritional program, many horses can enjoy normal activities and even competition well into their senior years. Older horses need nutritional support in three areas, and SmartPak has the right supplements to meet all of their needs.

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Food for Thought

Digestion impacts more than you think. Find out how supplements that support digestive function can benefit your horse’s health.

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MSM for Horses

Is chronic/longterm use of MSM actually detrimental? Laura Dear Laura, MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is believed to be a source of organic sulfur, required for a number of functions in the body. Sulfur plays critical roles in the formation of protein,

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