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Barn of the Month – Echelon Sporthorses

Echelon Sporthorses, Guyton, GA
Submitted by Shannon Brown, Boarder/Assistant
9 horses on SmartPaks

Echelon Sporthorses was designed and built by owner Genevieve Edwards, who has been teaching and training in the Savannah area since 2004. Before that, she worked, trained and showed with top barns and professionals in the northwest from a very young age. Since Echelon’s official opening in May 2010, she has assembled an awesome group of boarders, riders and clinic instructors. Genevieve specializes in training green horses and helping young riders realize their potential. She works with her students in a positive and energetic manner, and gives us a clear foundation and consistency that improves our riding with every lesson. Watching Genevieve work with the horses, you can see this is more than a career for Genevieve, it’s a lifestyle in which she devotes herself wholeheartedly. Her quiet presence and understanding registers with the horses, and they are eager to listen and learn from her.

While these are all great and important attributes of Echelon, the most outstanding aspect of Echelon is the atmosphere. I have been around a few barns and in the horse world in general for almost fourteen years, and this is the first barn I have been to where EVERYONE gets along, regardless of age, discipline, social or financial standing. From your riders who are there for pleasure to international FEI dressage riders and eventing hopefuls, everyone enjoys the company of boarders and horses alike! Watching the support, friendship and love shown by the members of Echelon, you realize that Genevieve has provided more than just a boarding and training facility, she has provided a community where we can all share our common love and passion…horses!

Without SmartPak, feeding would probably take an extra 30-45 minutes at our barn. Many of the horses at Echelon are on supplements, and most of them do not get the same as others. By having the convenient SmartPak drawers and names with the supplements on them, we can setup feed and put the SmartPak with the bucket until time to feed. We don’t have to worry about measuring correctly or running out! Some of the horses receive supplements that are vital to their daily performance, and we have the peace of mind in knowing they get the same kind every time!

We also love that we can use the barn buddy program! It saves us all on shipping, and we always joke that it’s like Christmas whenever we order other supplies and apparel from SmartPak and it all shows up together! We enjoy sitting in the tack room and showing off our new stuff and looking through the SmartPak catalogs together! SmartPak has become a way of life at Echelon!

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One comment on “Barn of the Month – Echelon Sporthorses
  1. Shannon says:

    This is so cool! However…i wanted to mention that Genevieve grew up in the northeast…not northwest! My mistake on the typo!

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