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Meet Vickey and Padrona Auventera

Name: Padrona Auventera
Age: 7
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Mare
Riding Discipline: Endurance
Owner: Vickey Hollingsworth

SmartOmega 3™
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Why I use SmartOmega 3: “I just had to send you photos of my Arabian mare from a recent show. She has been on SmartOmega 3 for a couple of months and the changes in her are incredible. Her coat is a darker and richer color than ever and she has a more vibrant shine than she has had in the last 7 years. Her coat even developed lovely dapples, which she has never had before. She placed 2nd of 9 in an Open Mares halter class and I’m sure SmartOmega 3 had something to do with it!
Thank you SmartPak for all your wonderful products!”

Why I use SmartPaks: “I’ve always ordered supplements in buckets from you, thinking the SmartPaks would be too cumbersome or expensive. Ok, sorry, I was wrong! Wow, just peel off the top, dump it in, and it’s DONE. Looking at those old buckets sitting there with lids warped and not fitting right anymore can’t be good. The moisture gets in and who knows how effective the supplements are after sitting there a few weeks?? Endless scoops, bags, containers, and waste. The other day I found a quart sized bag full of some type of brown powdered supplement. I have no idea what it is, but I’m sure it was expensive at the time. And how about the $50 bucket of probiotic I bought from my vet 2 years ago? It’s still sitting there, only half gone. Half the time I forget to feed it because it’s buried under 2 other buckets. Then I lost the scoop that came with it and had to improvise. I think the final straw though was when I opened a new tub of MSM I found on clearance sale at the local farm store, and promptly dropped it on the feed room floor. With MSM all over my shoes, I decided that was IT. No more of this! Why didn’t I get SmartPaks years ago?”

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One comment on “Meet Vickey and Padrona Auventera
  1. Judy Falzon says:

    She sure is a pretty mare. I was glad to read about your experience. Thx and good luck!

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