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Horse Journal Top Products of 2010

When it comes to testing out the most innovative and hardworking products for equestrians, it’s hard to beat the research undertaken by the staff at the Horse Journal. They’ve once again released their list of the year’s top products and not surprisingly, you can find most of their picks at SmartPak.

Check out these great selections from the Horse Journal that have all received their Editor’s Choice recommendation for Product of the Year.

Equifit AgSilver CleanBucket

EquiFit CleanBuckets

(49 reviews)

What it does: Infused with ionic silver, Equifit’s CleanBucket controls bacterial growth and minimizes bucket slime.

Glowing Customer Review: “I felt like an idiot buying $30 buckets. I felt like an even bigger idiot when they arrived and other than the fancy label they seemed perfectly ordinary. But, they absolutely live up to the hype so far. My horses *love* drinking from these buckets and empty them as soon as I fill them. I purchased them because I was worried about keeping my horses hydrated enough in the deep cold winter. Despite providing ice free water, they’re just not eager to drink. But now thanks to these, I watch them empty bucket after bucket every day, and manure stays nice and soft and healthy. I could not be happier and I’ll be buying more.” – Anonymous



(18 reviews)

What it does: The Dermacloth is an innovative concept in rinse-free cleaning and management of skin problems. It contains Vitamin E to support healing, Dexpanthenol for treatment of damaged skin and Microban for antimicrobial protection. It does not contain alcohol or soap, so it won’t irritate sensitive areas.

Glowing Customer Review: “My horse has colic surgery so is not allowed anywhere near water. Unfortunately, the wrap he has to wear gave him a sore right behind his withers. I was concerned about infection since I could not clean it normally. I purchased the Dermacloths as an alternative. I have been very happy with these cloths. I am able to clean the rubbed area and don’t have to worry about any soapy residue. My only wish is that more came in the bag! I use about 1 per day so have gone through them quickly.” – HJrider

Ice Horse Wraps

This ships free!
Ice Horse Tendon Wraps

(75 reviews)

What it does: Ice Horse Wraps are high quality insulated wraps that stay cold for up to 2 hours. Reusable after a minimum of 3 hours in the freezer. Available as a Hock Wrap, Tendon Wrap, Evendura Wrap and a Knee to Ankle Wrap

Glowing Customer Review: “These boots are really durable and the velcro is strong, they don’t slip down like my old pair of ice boots. I have started using these after every ride and I think they are really making a difference! I also prefer icing to cold hosing when her legs get a little stocky. My horse is prone to scratches, and these are really easy, no mess, no water, and I don’t have to stand there with the hose.” – luvmypuppies

Keratex Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener

(193 reviews)

What it does: Keratex Hoof Hardener is a gentle acting chemical formulation which forms additional intermolecular bonds between molecules of keratin through the process of cross-linking. Keratex Hoof Hardener strengthens weak, worn and cracked hooves by improving the molecular structure of the horn itself.

Glowing Customer Review: “We always call my horse “Old Rotten Footed Rex” due to his cracked hooves, ability to lose shoes, etc. However, once I discovered this stuff (thanks to my farrier) he’s been doing great. Knock on wood…haven’t lost a shoe since! Defiintely recommend” – valcor82

Mosquito Halt

Mosquito Halt

 $16.95 - $55.95
(169 reviews)

What it does: Mosquito Halt protects against horse, house, stable, face, horn and deer flies, gnats, lice, deer ticks and mosquitoes for up to two weeks. Mosquito Halt includes sunscreen for protection against harmful UV rays. Newly designed superior spray bottle is leak proof with an easy-to-handle, ergonomic design.

Glowing Customer Review: “This is the best flyspray I have found, and I’ve tried many. Works great for flys, gnats, and mosquitoes. Lasts as long as any. Strong smell, but not too unpleasant. Since it’s pretty pricey, I use it for riding, and use a less expensive brand for turnout.” – lovemymare

Fly Predators

Fly Predators

 $19.95 - $105.95
(136 reviews)

What it does: The environmental solution to pesky flies! Fly Predators are beneficial insects and the natural enemy of flies. They never bother humans or animals but feed on fly larvae. Sprinkle on manure areas monthly to control fly populations. Up to 94% reduction in pest flies have been reported.

Glowing Customer Review: “Over the years we have added more animals to our place and we are concerned with being good neighbors. Fly predators keep the flies to a minimum without the use of chemicals. That keeps us, our animals and our neighbors happy. We wouldn’t start the summer without them. We also appreciate the excellent customer service from SmartPak.” – michweb

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One comment on “Horse Journal Top Products of 2010
  1. Sally Pike says:

    Here’s a new product I stumbled upon. It is called the Better Bucket, and it is supposed to be more accommadating to the horses facial structure, and I was curious if anyone has tried it…It seems brilliant, I just wanted to get some other people’s opinions…. You can see a short video clip if you go to

    Let me know what you all think! thanks!

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