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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Peek in Our Paks – Emily


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the horses we adore. Meet this month’s pick, Emily from our Customer Care Team.

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Stuck inside?


Is the seemingly endless winter weather giving your horse cabin fever? Banish boredom and keep him busy with these great treats and toys!

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Old Man Winter


Cold weather can be hard on all horses, but it is especially challenging for seniors. Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to support your senior horse.

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Event Horses Arrive in Aiken


After watching the precious dressage horses prance off to Aiken last week, the event horses finally found the sun in Aiken, arriving yesterday at Ilene Boorman’s beautiful farm. All the horses looked like they shipped well to South Carolina.

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Meet Della and Sunny


One day while out for a walk, my horse Sunny stumbled badly over a tree root and severely strained a tendon in his left front leg. After working with my vet on a treatment plan, I started looking for a supplement for extra support.

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Q & A on Hilton Herbs Easy Mare


How is Easy Mare formulated specifically for mares, and what types of “mare personalities” tend to benefit the most? Also, is it only for mares or can other horses benefit from the supplement as well?

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Beat the Winter Blues


A long winter can take its toll on your horse in a number of ways. Luckily, supplements can help him with everything from keeping weight on to focusing in the ring (even when cool temps make him forget his manners).

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How To Take Your Horse’s Vital Signs


Knowing how to measure your horse’s temperature (T), pulse (P) and respiration (R) is a basic barn skill every owner should have.

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Meet Britni and Patchwork Ring Magic


Magic has always had a sensitive digestive system, especially his stomach, and the unpredictable weather in Texas doesn’t help.

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Meet Taylor and Festy Eskimo


When I got Eskimo, he was barefoot and his hooves would get sore after long rides or work on rough ground. I tried hoof boots and other hoof supplements, but nothing seemed to work. Then I gave SmartHoof a try.

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Supplement for Pregnant Mare


I would like to know if Mare Plus is dangerous to feed to a mare newly pregnant. It expired in July 08, is in SmartPaks, and has been kept cool and dark. I would expect it to be not as potent but is it okay for the first trimester?

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Hilary Self – Hilton Herbs

Hilary Self, BSc. MNIMH., is co-founder of Hilton Herbs, Ltd. For the last 20 years Hilton Herbs has been at the forefront of manufacturing and formulating herbal products for horses and dogs.

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Greetings from Florida!!


Hello from sunny Florida! I cannot tell you how good it is to be down here… well, I guess I can… it’s AMAZING!! All the horses traveled well, have all been body clipped and are now into their training routine.

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Meet Janet and Freedom


My new horse, Freedom, used to get incredibly nervous when training. He’d prance around and break out into an anxious sweat, even if we were just standing in the middle of the arena!

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Support for Equine Ligament Injury


I rescued a horse about one month ago, later to find that he has a degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis injury from racing. Is there anything I can do for this horse so that he can be started back in light riding in approximately six to 10 months?

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