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Peek in Our Paks – Erin

Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the horses we adore.

This Month’s Pick

Staff Member: Erin Sanchez
Department: Marketing
Horse: Kitt, 9 year-old Thoroughbred
Discipline: Eventing

I’ve been hooked on riding since I first tried it at Girl Scout camp in 7th grade. While I never owned a horse as a kid, my mom, sister and I all took lessons together, and my sister and I spent hours doing chores every weekend to earn money to lease an awesome, crazy grey TB mare.

After some time off from riding post-college, I spent a year and a half learning eventing leasing a been-there-done-that redheaded mare (still going strong today at 27!). Two years after taking up riding again, I bought my OTTB gelding Kitt. I’ve had Kitt for 5 years, since he was a green 4 year old, and we have worked our way up through eventing together in between periods of injuries and setbacks. We successfully moved up to competing at Training this past summer, and besides that, plan on improving our perpetually work-in-progress dressage and doing some jumpers in the next year.

Kitt’s SmartPaks

Kitt’s SmartPaks include SmartTLC Herb-Free, SmartGut, SmartOmega3, SmartGain, and SmartLytes.

SmartTLC Herb-Free
(17 reviews)
SmartGut® Pellets

As Low As: $43.95
(450 reviews)
SmartOmega 3™
(588 reviews)
SmartGain® Original

As Low As: $29.95
(469 reviews)

Kitt has Kissing Spines, which we manage with injections and massage. I added SmartTLC Herb-Free to his SmartPaks because it’s packed with antioxidants to help with the extra inflammation and reduce his occasional discomfort. It also helps with his occasional hock soreness. And since we compete, the herb-free formula is a terrific option.

Like many Thoroughbreds, Kitt has been diagnosed with ulcers and treated with pharmaceuticals. I wanted to make sure I was maintaining his stomach health while he’s travelling, showing, and training, which can be stressful on the stomach. SmartGut is a great choice because it has a wide range of beneficial ingredients.

SmartLytes® Powder

As Low As: $11.95
(427 reviews)
I chose SmartOmega3, SmartGain, and SmartLytes to fill in the gaps in Kitt’s nutritional program. I chose SmartOmega3 because Kitt does not get much fresh grass, and the SmartOmega3 gives him the nutrients he’s missing when just eating hay. I love how the fish oil makes his coat shine – he gets tons of compliments! The SmartGain gives him a little extra calories and pre- and probiotics because even though he gets a full ration of fortified grain, he is a Thoroughbred, and tends to lose weight easily. And the SmartLytes helps replenish the electrolytes he loses when he sweats while working.

Why Erin Uses SmartPaks

The barn where I board has over 40 horses – that would be a lot of supplements for our barn manager to scoop! I love SmartPaks because I know Kitt’s getting all of his supplements every day with no extra work for my barn manager, and I can tinker with his supplement program every month as his needs change. And since I’m always on the go, I absolutely love the automatic shipments – no more feeling guilty about forgetting to pick up more supplements from the store!

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