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Hilton Herbs Freeway Q&A

Q: What types of respiratory problems is Freeway intended for and how does it work?

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A: Like most of our herbal supplements, Hilton Herbs Freeway is available as both a dry mix and as a liquid, which is called Freeway Gold. Both products contain exactly the same herbs. The dry mix is one of our best sellers and has proven to be extremely helpful for horses that need respiratory support. The herbs included in the Freeway formulas include Elecampane, Licorice, Eyebright, Cleaver, Marshmallow, Plantain and Thyme.

Elecampane contains a volatile oil which, like garlic, is excreted through the lungs. It is used to support normal lung function. Licorice is another soothing herb that is excellent for supporting the respiratory system, and Eyebright is known for its ability to benefit the sinuses. Cleaver is one of my favorite herbs! It is known to support the lymphatic system, which in turn may assist with the removal of waste products from tissues. Marshmallow is also included in the Freeway formula because it is soothing to mucus membranes, and can be helpful with coughs. Plantain contains mucilage and is therefore both cooling and soothing to mucus membranes as well. Last but not least, Thyme is included in the mix because it helps support normal mucus clearance and can also help address irritation in the respiratory tract.

Due to the careful combination of these herbs, Freeway and Freeway Gold are both excellent formulas for helping to support respiratory health in your horse. Of course, it is a good idea to have your horse examined by a veterinarian to understand the underlying cause of any respiratory issues and determine the most appropriate course of treatment and management.

Hilary Self, BSc. MNIMH., is co-founder of Hilton Herbs, Ltd. For the last 20 years Hilton Herbs has been at the forefront of manufacturing and formulating herbal products for horses and dogs. Hilary is a Medical Herbalist and a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (founded in 1864). She is responsible for the company’s formulations and for the clinical research behind the use of herbs for animals. In 2004 Hilary received the Nigel Wynn award from the National Institute for innovative projects in herbal medicine, in recognition of clinical trials she undertook into the application of herbs for horses with Cushing’s disease. Hilary has lectured frequently on the application of herbs for horses in the UK, Europe, Australia and the United States. In 2007 she was a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at the Equine Nutrition Conference in Vienna, Austria. Hilary is the author of two books on the use of herbs and complementary therapies for horses: A Modern Horse Herbal, now in its 8th re-print, and A Veteran Horse Herbal, which focuses on the care of senior horses. Hilary is also a member of the National Animal Supplements Council’s Scientific Advisory Committee. In addition to her work for Hilton Herbs, Hilary helps private patients through her own herbal practice, and acts as a consultant for local veterinarians. Hilary and her husband, Tony, live with their 3 horses, 3 sheep, 1 dog, 1 cat, free range chickens and a small herd of cattle on their Downclose Farm in Somerset, England.

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