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We’re Saving for Things We’re Craving in 2011

1. “I’m saving for a new horse! My show horse has been retired and I’m officially back on the market for a new one!”
-Becki, Marketing

This ships free!
Charles Owen Pro II Helmet

(65 reviews)
2. “I’m planning on buying a Charles Owen Pro Racing II Helmet (#16855, $196.95). I feel like replacing my traditional hunt-style helmet with a skull cap will give me a little more eventing ‘cred'”.
-Erin, Marketing

3. “As I’m competing over bigger cross country fences, I’m saving for a Point Two Pro Air Jacket (#18009, $675.95) – it will be worth every penny in added confidence.”
-Sara, Creative

4. “I am saving for the Back on Track Mesh Sheet (#17060, $268.95). With my horse Pumpkin getting older and the cold New England winters, I’ve been wanting one for her for so long!”
-Katie, Customer Care

RJ Classics Platinum Soft Shell Hunt Coat
(4 reviews)
5. “I’m saving for the RJ Classics Platinum Soft Shell Hunt Coat (#18314, $478.00). I love the technology in the coat and think that it will make horse showing MUCH more comfortable on hot summer days. The fact that it’s washable should help keep my dry cleaning budget under control.”
-Melissa, Merchandising

6. “I’m going to buy myself a new Charles Owen AYR8 Helmet (#16857, $329.95). I can’t wait to be stylish!”
-Lucy, Customer Care

7. “This year I hope to fully utilize SmartPak’s Test Ride program to find the saddle that fits myself and my horse perfectly. It’s a big investment so I want to make sure it is exactly right”
-Maria, Merchandising

8. “I’m saving for a pair of Deniro Ottaviano Dress Boots (#18845, $699.95). I really need a new pair of tall boots that fit and these are stunning.”
-Kerri, Marketing

9. “My horse, Bella, has been wearing the same pieced-together bridle for years, so I’m saving up to splurge on a new bridle for her – the Barnsby Comfort Flash Bridle (#16724, $259.95). I love the padding and the buckle hardware.”
-Jen, Customer Care

This ships free!
Dubarry Bracken Utility Jacket

(5 reviews)
10. “For months now I have been in love with the Dubarry Bracken Utility Jacket (#18771, $649.00) in Connemara Smoke. The detail work on this jacket is amazing. From the lining to the buttons it is beautiful! ”
-Ashley, Customer Care

11. “I’m saving to buy a Scrim Sheet (#19458, $252.50) from The Clothes Horse for my new horse. I am so impressed with the quality and workmanship of the blankets produced by The Clothes Horse. I can’t wait to start the 2011 show season in style!”
-Renee, Merchandising

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One comment on “We’re Saving for Things We’re Craving in 2011
  1. Megan says:

    I have to save for a $100 purchase. Even in my dreams $669.95 for a pair of boots isn’t reachable. Don’t get me wrong, these are great products… but how about some recommendations for the rest of us?

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