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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Meet Kristen and Spice It Up


Spice tends to be high strung in unfamiliar situations. At shows, she would spook at everything from trailers to other horses. In the ring, she was tense and always ready to bolt. I was really getting discouraged, so I started looking for calming supplements.

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Last Dressage Show in the Sunny South!


We had our last dressage show this weekend at Southern Comfort. All my horses were very good, but I have to say, they are getting tired. This has been a long winter for them, especially the young ones. They need a break!

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Hilton Herbs Hoof & Health Q&A

How does Hoof & Health support hoof integrity differently than a biotin-based hoof supplement? Does it have any additional benefits?

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Meet Michelle and Rolls Royette


My mare, Yvette, has always had notoriously sensitive skin. After a particularly hot and sticky summer in Alabama, she was left with a few flaky patches of skin and missing hair, and her skin looked very irritated.

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Making the Cover: Behind the Scenes with SmartPak


Our photo shoots remind me a lot of horse show days. Early mornings, long days, tight schedules, plenty of surprises, and an absolute labor of love.

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Balancing Act – Designing a Diet for the Modern Horse


Horses have delicate systems that were designed for constant pasture grazing, but modern horsekeeping can throw your horse’s gastrointestinal tract off balance. High-grain diets combined with the stress of training and competition may leave your horse prone to ulcers, digestive problems and poor overall health. But if you build your horse’s diet based on his individual needs, you can help bring him back into balance.

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Meet Sergio and Hollywood Cielo “Gallo”


Gallo is a great horse, but he is getting older and I have noticed that he is not the ‘free moving’ horse that he used to be. I tried a lot of supplements before I found SmartPak.

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We talk of Spring, but it really is Winter…


How do I know it is that time of year again? Well, random food items are gone, miscellaneous items of my clothing are missing, the garbage bins are overflowing, and oh, the house is absent the gleeful sounds of rambunctious

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Q&A with a Supplement Expert


We sat down with resident supplement nerd (and Director of Supplement Marketing), Jessica Normand to get the inside scoop on SmartSupplements™.

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Meet Liz and Jeffie


When I got Jeffie in the fall of 2009, he had ‘cracked platters’ for hooves and needed to be on an aggressive treatment plan. I worked closely with my farrier and vet, but wanted to add a supplement to help support his hooves.

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Cracked Hoof

Cracked Hoof

Some of my horses have cracks in their hooves. I feed alfalfa and grass hay twice a day and they also receive ADM Patriot 12% once daily. My horses are off duty all winter meaning I do not ride at all in the winter. What are they lacking nutritionally assuming this is a nutrition issue?

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Dressing Down


March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb…but in between it can be hot, cold, wet, dry, and everything in between. These great blanketing options will ensure your horse is ready, whatever the weather.

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Meet Kristen and Lost in L.A.


Name: Lost in L.A. Discipline: Hunter/Jumper Owner: Kristen Broadhead Age: 8 Gender: Mare Breed: Thoroughbred I just have to tell you how wonderful SmartShine Ultra is! I started my mare, L.A., on SmartShine Ultra, and within a week I could

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Deworming an Extremely Wormy Horse


Is the Panacur (5 day) Power Pack safe to give to a 700 lb EXTREMELY WORMY 3 year old colt? Should he be given the full tube or just the amount of tube for his weight?

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