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Meet Kristen and Lost in L.A.

Name: Lost in L.A.
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Owner: Kristen Broadhead
Age: 8
Gender: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred

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I just have to tell you how wonderful SmartShine Ultra is! I started my mare, L.A., on SmartShine Ultra, and within a week I could see an improvement in her coat — she actually dappled! However, she had some unrelated health problems, so my vet put together a very specific diet, which included switching to a different supplement. Almost as soon as I switched, her coat lost its shine, her dapples disappeared, and she even started losing hair! As the summer continued, her coat looked worse, and she was even rubbing herself raw in several places. Finally, I decided to switch back to SmartShine Ultra, and right away her hair started growing back and now she is shiny again. I will NEVER take her off this product again — it is the best stuff ever! Thanks for a great product!

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