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Q&A with a Supplement Expert

We sat down with resident supplement nerd (and Director of Supplement Marketing), Jessica Normand to get the inside scoop on SmartSupplements™.

SP What inspired the SmartSupplement line?
JN The product line was inspired by our customers. Seriously! After years as the leading equine supplement retailer, we had talked to a lot of owners about their horses. More importantly, we learned a lot about our customers, their horses and what it was like to shop for supplements.

Thousands upon thousands of conversations with horse owners gave us many valuable insights, including which ingredients offered the best results, the importance of giving the right level of support for an individual horse’s needs, and the value of good palatability. We combined our in-depth knowledge of customer needs with the nutritional savvy of our staff veterinarian, other vets, and top formulation experts, and created SmartSupplements.

SP The ads say that SmartSupplements are “Smarter by Design” — can you tell me what that means to you?
JN One thing we were mindful of when developing the SmartSupplements line was creating what we like to call “formulas that fit.” Instead of trying to create one or two general formulas that would be appealing to many but perfect for none, we opted for targeted solutions that address specific needs. Take our SmartFlexes — six unique formulas designed to help you select the perfect level of joint support for your horse. Or our SmartVites, which are the most comprehensive family of equine vitamin/mineral supplements available. SmartVites make it easy to fill your horse’s specific nutritional gaps by accounting for his age, workload and diet. But really, the whole SmartSupplements line is set up this way. Whether it’s the comprehensive approach to gastric health SmartGut offers or the uniquely effective respiratory support of SmartBreathe, we’ve got targeted solutions for all of your horse’s needs. That way, you can build a supplement program for your horse that’s one of a kind, not “one size fits all.”

SmartFlex® Senior Pellets Original

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SP How are SmartSupplements performing where it counts — in the barn?
JN Horse owners who have used SmartSupplements literally can’t stop talking about them. I’m thrilled to say that over 3,000 customers have reviewed SmartSupplements and given them a perfect 5-star rating! SmartFlex® Senior is particularly astounding, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on over 700 customer reviews between the pelleted and powder options.

SmartFlex® Senior Herb-Free Pellets Original

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SP What do you think it is about SmartFlex Senior that has made it work so well for so many horses?
JN SmartFlex Senior really is a “smarter” formula, (pun intended!), because it targets the three most common areas where senior horses need extra support. It’s got top quality ingredients for joint and digestive health, along with antioxidants for healthy tissues and a strong immune system. And after once again listening to our customers, we added SmartFlex® Senior Herb-Free to the lineup. This version is ideal for seniors that still compete, or those with sensitive stomachs, where Devil’s Claw may not be appropriate.

I’m so proud of the SmartFlex Senior formulas. Knowing that they’re helping thousands of older horses stay healthy every day is a great feeling.

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4 comments on “Q&A with a Supplement Expert
  1. OdiesMom says:

    I have my horse on SmartDigest Ultra- so far it is working on my horse- I have him at a large boarding facility and the hay changes frequently, so his stool gets runny and this product is helping him a lot- within three days, his stool was more firm. Thank you SmartPak!

  2. Dee Whitt says:

    would Smartlites or Apple a day be a good addition to the summer months in AZ? My 19 year mare seems to drink ok but she sweats sometimes just because it is so hot here, even in the shade.
    I feed her Smart flex senior & Smart B1 from SmartPak, mare magic, source & daily dewormer. free feed grass hay & a few oat/alfalfa cubes. Her coat & feet are great!

    • Amanda says:

      I have to say the I really like the Smartlytes out of all the electrolyte supplements, not only because of the awesome cherry smell, but because there is no sugar, and it doesn’t overload the horses with salt.

  3. Amanda says:

    I use almost ALL Smart supplements! They are all fabulous. From the Smarthoof ultra to the smartlytes! They seem to have all the best ingredients of every supplement out there. SmartPak really does a great job!

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