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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Meet Claudia and Quatro


With the rigorous demands of high level competition at his age, Quatro’s SmartPaks are critical to his success. When deciding what supplements to give him, we looked at what SmartPak offered for the ultimate joint and connective tissue support.

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Eating bedding: risky business or harmless habit?


Is it dangerous for a horse in a stall to ingest some bedding while eating hay? If so, is there bedding that is less problematic than others? Sally Dear Sally, Certainly if bedding is moldy (or dusty) it should not

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Meet Lois and Grace


My mare Grace has an allergy to biting insects, and in the summer she would be covered in hives. She looked and felt miserable. I read about SmartBug-Off and it sounded like it might work for her.

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Bugs Beware


There are very few things that you can get a room full of riders to agree on, but hating flies is definitely one of them. Fly sprays are great, but a bottle-a-week habit can really put a dent in your budget. Fortunately, supplements can help!

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Shine On!


For the ultimate show-ring shine, support your horse’s skin and coat, inside and out!

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Barn of the Month – First Choice Riding Academy

BOTM-First Choice Riding Academy

First Choice Riding Academy, Enfield, NH Submitted by Amy Woodman, Assistant Manager We currently have 8 horses on SmartPaks. I love how easy it is of course, but it also keeps the grain room neat… or at least neater. I

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Meet Lisa and MH Kolaar


Since starting SmartFlex Senior, I have seen a HUGE difference in my 23 year-old gelding. His successful showing career was cut short when he was kicked in the leg. After numerous surgeries and a long rehab, he was stiff and sore but never lost his spirit.

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What is the Real Answer to Sweet Feeds?


What is the real answer to sweet feeds? Does it make horses “hot”?

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Putting it All Together


In an ideal world, your horse would spend all of his time grazing on acres of fresh pasture. His diet would be complete and balanced, just like Mother Nature intended. You would have a picture-perfect ride every time, and you definitely would’ve won the lottery by now. As horse owners, we strive for ideal but know we’re still living in the real world. That’s why we’ve broken down what you can do to get your horse’s diet as close to ideal as possible.

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Powders, Pellets or Pastes – What’s the Difference?


I see a lot of the same types of supplements available in powders, pellets or pastes – what’s the difference?

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Meet Karen and Cregor


Name: Cregor Breed: Quarter Horse Discipline: Barrel Racing Gender: Gelding Age: 28 Owner: Karen Dean SmartFlex SeniorCregor spent his whole life competing in speed events. At the age of 23, he was retired from competition, and it didn’t take long

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Meet Brooke and Denali


Name: Storm City Slew (“Denali”) Breed: Thoroughbred Discipline: Dressage Gender: Mare Age: 7 Owner: Brooke Lyle Freeburg SmartFlex RepairWe bought Denali at an auction, and gave her a few months off to just be a horse. She started into dressage

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Meet Laura and Panache


Name: Panache Breed: Selle Francais Discipline: Hunters Gender: Mare Age: 8 Owner: Laura Maynard SmartPaksI finally decided to switch to the SmartPak system because I was tired of buying various buckets of supplements at varying frequencies. Cosequin Equine PowderI knew

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Save or Splurge


Dressage Saddles Save M. Toulouse Aachen Dressage Saddle $1049.95 “Hands down the most comfortable and best fitting saddle we tried. We have been pleased with how well it has held up under daily riding even after three years it still

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Straight from the Rider’s Mouth


Check out these top picks from the Team SmartPak pros, or head over to to read over 45,000 product reviews from riders across the country! 2011 Rolex Kentucky Competitor Allison Springer Charles Owen GR8 Helmet (#12415, $279.95) “I’m proud

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