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5 Grooming Time Savers

There’s no substitute for elbow grease, but these smart solutions can help when you’re really pressed for time.

(5 reviews)

1. Save 60 Minutes – Super Soaker

A deep clean is just minutes away with the Anivac. The patented system virtually eliminates drying time, and you’ll never have to wait for a wash stall again!

Invaluable as a time saver, water saver. Easy to use, does a fabulous job in much less time. Well worth the investment.
– MF from Vermont

Wahl Chromado
(32 reviews)

2. Save 30 Minutes – Pull the Plug

The Wahl Chromado Clippers run on a long-lasting battery, so you don’t have
to bother searching for an outlet or untangling the extension cord.

ShowSheen Hair Polish

 $10.95 - $42.95
(151 reviews)

3. Save 20 Minutes – The Best Got Better

Everything you love about ShowSheen, now in an ultra-light finishing spray. ShowSheen Hair Polish eliminates sopping wet tails and drip marks on the coat.

The Ultimate Hose Nozzle

(75 reviews)

4. Save 15 Minutes – Happier Hosing

The Ultimate Hose Nozzle saves you from constantly turning the water on and off. Plus, if you accidently drop it, it won’t spray your horse in the face and send him rocketing off the crossties.

Horse Shave
(98 reviews)

5. Save 5 Minutes – Close Shave

A quick and easy way to remove all those unwanted whiskers. Horse Shave.

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