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Bugs Beware

PROBLEM: Flies are bugging your horse and irritating his skin

SOLUTION: Insect Control Supplements

There are very few things that you can get a room full of riders to agree on, but hating flies is definitely one of them. Fly sprays are great, but a bottle-a-week habit can really put a dent in your budget. Fortunately, supplements can help!

There are two main types of insect control supplements. Some are only effective if fed to all of the horses on the property, while others will work for your horse, even if you’re the only one feeding it.

Solitude IGR

As Low As: $24.95
(75 reviews)

For the Whole Herd

Feed-through larvicides, like Solitude IGR, need to be fed to all of the horses on the property in order to be effective. The active ingredient, cyromazine, is an insect growth regulator that inhibits proper development, so house and stable fly larvae are unable to develop into adults.

Flying Solo

(72 reviews)
SmartBug-Off® Pellets

As Low As: $19.79
(1340 reviews)
If you can’t get everyone in the barn on board, there’s still hope. Insect control supplements containing ingredients like Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Brewer’s Yeast can discourage flies from biting or landing on your horse, even if he’s the only one on the supplement. Customer favorites include SmartBug-Off and Buggzo. While these pungent powerhouses smell pretty strong to us, once fed to the horse, few owners notice a difference in odor.

The All-Natural Way to Keep Flies Off Your Property

Fly Predators

 $19.95 - $105.95
(136 reviews)
Fly Predators are tiny bugs you’ll love! The natural enemy of flies, these insects never bother humans or animals, and they feed on fly larvae. Sprinkle them around the manure areas on your farm and they’ll go to work controlling the fly population. You won’t see them, but you will see up to a 94% reduction in fly population! Fly Predators work best when released monthly throughout the summer, so we make ordering easy with automatic monthly shipping!
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