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Meet Laura and Panache

Name: Panache
Breed: Selle Francais
Discipline: Hunters
Gender: Mare
Age: 8
Owner: Laura Maynard

I finally decided to switch to the SmartPak system because I was tired of buying various buckets of supplements at varying frequencies.

Cosequin® Equine Powder

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Cosequin Equine Powder
I knew I wanted to continue a joint supplement, try a different hoof supplement, and potentially add a coat supplement. Since there was no urgent requirement for major supplementation I decided to stick with Cosequin and add SmartHoof and SmartShine. Panache had pretty decent feet, albeit with slightly thinner-than-preferred hoof walls, and she had a healthy coat. We started SmartPaks in February 2010 and in less than a year the quality of her hooves and coat have increased dramatically.

SmartShine® Original

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This January, my vet came out for our annual exam and she was astonished at how shiny and slick Panache’s mid-winter coat was. She’s convinced that SmartPak really has come up with the right formulation and is considering adding SmartShine to her horse’s SmartPaks.

(297 reviews)
My farrier has also been thrilled with Panache’s hooves over the last few months. As her hoof wall grows out, he can feel and hear a significant increase in quality with the wall that’s grown since she’s been on SmartHoof. I’ve thought about tweaking the supplements in Panache’s SmartPak but why meddle with such a successful combination?!

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