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Meet Lisa and MH Kolaar

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Name: MH Kolaar
Breed: Arabian
Age: 23
Discipline: Halter and Trail Riding
Gender: Gelding
Owner: Lisa Gould

Since starting SmartFlex Senior, I have seen a HUGE difference in my 23 year-old gelding. His successful showing career was cut short when he was kicked in the leg. After numerous surgeries and a long rehab, he was stiff and sore but never lost his spirit. We weren’t sure he’d ever be able to be ridden again, but he’s come through it like a champ. Since being on SmartFlex Senior he appears to be much more comfortable and runs like a two year old! He has a big heart, and I am happy to see him feeling better. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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3 comments on “Meet Lisa and MH Kolaar
  1. That is awesome news. I Love the Arabian Horses and I have four equines that have a distinct amount of Arabian blood in their breeding, ie; a Quarab (Quarter Horse / Arabian cross)mare, a Welsh Mountain Pony gelding, a Buckskin Appaloosa mare, and a Paint gelding, and I LOVE them all. My favorite Arabian Stallions of all times are *Bask, Khemosabi, Cass Ole, Raffles, Nabbor, and *Aladdin. Khemosabi was born in the USA the same year that I was, 1967. I fell in Love with Cass Ole when he starred in the original “Black Stallion” movie. They were all very beautiful.

  2. Sue says:

    My Henry, a full Arabian, 1/2 Egyptian and 1/2 Russian/Polish is a rock star. He is so calm, cool, and smart that anyone that sterotypes Arabians has never met my Henry. He’s only 9, but I have him on a number of SmartPaks, as I believe in preventative medicine. He’s the best and I want the best for him. When I got him his coat was dull and once I started UltraShine and Smart Dark and Handsome, he just shines. He’s learning to jump so we have him on Cosaquin and I also have him on the SmartPak probiotic. I can’t say enough about SmartPak, their products, service or how much it helps me with Henry. Thank you! Sue

  3. lindsay hanna says:

    omg! that literally made me cry i don’t know why though cause i aint a sappy person unless…. it comes to horses that’s y i bet you were crying when you found out he will be in good conditions and he came out very OK yep you probably dropped tears of tremendous joy i know i would have allot

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