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Meet Lois and Grace

Name: Grace
Age: 8
Gender: Mare
Breed: Paint
Discipline: Dressage
Owner: Lois Bowers

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My mare Grace has an allergy to biting insects, and in the summer she would be covered in hives. She looked and felt miserable. I read about SmartBug-Off and it sounded like it might work for her. I gave it a try, and this past summer, Grace had not one bug bite on her! She went outside with just a little fly spray and was happy.

I’m so glad I found the SmartPak system to help me keep Grace at her best. She receives other supplements in addition to SmartBug-Off, and my kitchen was not a pretty sight on baggie- filling days! SmartPaks make life easier for me and for my barn manager. And I love that I feel comfortable calling and asking questions— SmartPak’s customer service really makes navigating all the supplements options easier.

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2 comments on “Meet Lois and Grace
  1. Sue says:

    Awesome to hear, Lois! I ordered it and should be here any day. Can’t wait to give it a try. Got a free sample with one of my shipments and my horse liked it. Smelled like garlic or something, but I don’t mind that. Lovvvve SmartPak!

  2. Susan Griffin says:

    Hi Lois,
    I have a mare with the same problem with a fly allergy and have tried just about everything. Garlic does seem to discourage the flies, but not completely. I was wondering if you give her anything in addition to the Bug-off to help with her hives? I would love to know what your winning formula is. Thanks and congrats on your horse’s relief from the hives. Susan

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